These Aren’t The Damn Daniel Remixes You WANT, They’re The Damn Daniel Remixes You NEED

Yo, if you don’t know that the dude above is named Daniel and he’s back at it again with the white Vans (!!!), you weren’t even alive last week. Physically, I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to be an inhabitant of planet earth and not know who this kid is at this point.

The Damn Daniel movement was viral internet fervor at its finest, and why let the ball stop rolling!? Of course, tons of DJs mixed the insatiable soundbites from the Snapchat sensation into some scintillating sounds, because why not.

Here’s the very best Damn Daniel remixes, and yes, these are all actually FIRE tracks. You can literally throw a Damn Daniel party and make this your playlist. Great excuse to get drunk.
Stussy, man!!! Damn Daniel.

[via YourEDM]