Deadmau5 Pulls an Epic Troll During His Ultra Set, Then Gets In a Pissing-match with Tiësto RE: Avicii

I’m 100% convinced that big name EDM DJs are the biggest douchebag divas in the world. Their general egomania — fueled by fanboy fawning on social media — is off the charts. For starters, DJs is guarded by an airtight shell of handlers who get butthurt over any perceived negative publicity. They’re offended by the most trivial things. Like fun, especially embracing the fact that EDM is party music and should be fun. It’s like they’re like robots who can only experience one emotion at a time rather than a spectrum of emotions.

For example, the saga that went down at Ultra this weekend. With Avicii hospitalized for an emergency gallbladder surgery, legendary troll Deadmau5 stepped in to do a set. He mixed in some of Avicii’s music just to keep spirits up. He also mixed in a little “Old McDonald Had a Farm,” along with a remix to Martin Garrix’s “Animals” before launching into “Levels.” Watch:

This pissed some off because ‘mau5 basically admitted he was going to troll on Twitter before taking the stage:

Teisto, meanwhile, was NOT amused at deadmau5 making fun of Avicii while he was in the hospital.


Is Teisto seriously angry or is he just rage-baiting for the sake of rage-baiting? We’re getting next level with the DJ egomania where I’m not even sure if this sort of shit is authentic or a vague PR ploy to keep people interested in their cultural relevancy.

Bravo, deadmau5. Everyone in the scene needs to lighten up. You’re all losing your skulls.

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