This Badass Country Video Is The Most American Thing I’ve Ever Watched

Are you ready to scream like a bald eagle and pop a freedom boner bigger than the 48 contiguous states? Fuck yeah, you are — You’re a goddamn red-blooded, freedom-loving descendent of Uncle Sam. That’s why you have to watch Earl Dibble Jr.’s “Merica,” which is possibly the most badass song written about The Greatest Country In The World ™. It will make you want to throw on your finest part of jorts, snag a fat pouch of Redman, and start smashing Natty Light cans on your head in the back of pick-up truck.

Seriously, watch it. It’s maybe the most badass song about ‘MURICA since Toby Keith’s entire Shock’n Y’all album. Your erection will be bigger than the rock-hard chub Betsy Ross gave George Washington when she showed him the Stars and Stripes for the first time.

Fuck you, commies! Fuck you, ISIS! Freedom isn’t free! Back to back world war champs! Earl Dibble Jr. for president!

I just drank a big gulp of Monster energy and ran down to Sheetz to stock up tins of long-cut Grizzly. ‘MERICA!

I’m so proud to be an America right now. This is the only song I’m listening to all weekend.


[H/T: TFM]

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