This Compilation Of Every Michael Jackson Grunt And Scream Is The Best Goddamn Song Of 2015

Listen to me when I tell this: the best way to listen to this compilation of every single grunt and scream from Michael Jackson is at FULL VOLUME. That way the entire neighborhood thinks you’re watching porn, which is probably for the best because you don’t like your neighbors anyways. So you might as well freak them out by watching this video as loud as possible and sever those neighborly ties forever. That, or you’ll end up being befriended by that one weird neighbor you never spoke to before and wanted nothing to do with. I guess it’s a coin toss.

Who knew that an a cappella masterpiece could be made simply from the grunts and screams of the Prince of Pop? So many words come to mind to describe this 2015 masterpiece: banger, perfection, mesmerizing, ambrosia, nostalgia, and so many more. Just think how much longer this song could’ve gone on for had the world not been robbed of Michael Jackson at a young age?!