‘Luxury’ Rich Kid Music Festival Promoted By Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, And Ja Rule Is A Literal Hell On Earth

Hell of a saga going down right now in the Bahamas. Back in December a number of influential Instagram models started promoting a getaway music festival called Fyre Fest. The models promoting it included a who’s who of the Instagram Illuminati — Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Kendall Jenner, etc. Ja Rule was also involved. And it was promoted heavily on websites like Bustle, where it promised to be a “music festival for people who aren’t music junkies.”


In other words, a music festival for poseur, shallow twats.


Pretty much everything about the festival has turned into a fraudulent disaster, with almost all the artists backing out and the attendees stranded on an island in the Bahamas like rich kid Instagram Lord Of The Flies. Lawsuits are starting to be drafted against the promoters.

via the Wall Street Journal:

“Its organizers missed a series of deadlines to make advance payments to performers. Last week, some artists still hadn’t been paid what they were owed based on the terms of their contracts, according to people familiar with the matter, but the event’s promoters in recent days made progress in catching up with payments, and in some cases have paid acts in full,” they reported.

Tickets were $450 a day for a regular pass and VIP packages ran up to $12,780, with “complimentary flights, a place to stay and access to a yacht”, so people are understandably pissed off.

Then again, they bought into the “fantasy” music festival getaway after a heavy promotional push from Instagram stars like Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Kendall Jenner, etc. It’s classic fantasy vs. reality: What did they expect?

Look at the outrage of the disaster on Twitter:



Here’s another account from the festival: 

Meanwhile, on Ja Rule’s Instagram…


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