Harry Styles Ate Shit On Stage During One Direction’s Tour Opener, OMG LOLOLOLOLOL

So, I’ve been pretty quiet on the 1D front since Zayn left the band. Just tore my heart out of my chest. Didn’t think I could go on. At least I can take solace the the fact that Stephen Hawking posits another universe might exist where the band still performs with Zayn. Phew.

That said, watching Harry Styles eat shit on stage Thursday night while One Direction was kicking off their ‘On The Road Again’ tour in San Diego is just too good not to share.

The One Direction front man evidently caught his mic stand on something while gallivanting across the stage, and this decently awkward fall was the hilarious end result.


Given the sound of that impact, I’m almost in disbelief that Harry Styles was even able to keep performing and melting teenage hearts for the rest of the evening. What a trooper. Total dedication to the game.

Styles’ fall was met with laughter from his 1D band mates and adoring fans alike, but the singer was still obviously a little embarrassed about the spill.


Yeah, it’s safe to say no one deleted those videos. Story of your life. Have a great tour, bros.

h/t J-14