Rapper Drops New Track Shredding Apart Modern Rap Music For Being Fake, Turns Out To Be An Absolute Banger

Yes, I am in fact part of the problem. I heard every word that he said, about how rappers don’t say anything at all anymore, and how we’re sheeple for getting fooled into like a song because it’s got a sick beat. I heard every word he said (before he started rapping) and then I heard that beat, and I was hooked. The rapper Hopsin was intending to pull off some pretty profound shit right here, instead he proved that his music’s actually better when he swims with the tide.

Is it too much to ask that rapper drop beats like this AND actually say something of substance over the track? I don’t get why these tracks have to be one way or the other. Wouldn’t his point have been made if he did that for 90 seconds and then spit some intelligible lines for the next 90 seconds? Also, it kind of would have proved his point if he’d synced up the closed captioning with his lyrics, instead the CC’s turned off and we’re all left to wonder about what in the fuck we’re actually listening to. Some fire lines included “I went to the doctor, he looked at my dick and he said I got rabies.” Did Hopsin really not think we’d like that? Does he not recognize that those lyrics are fire? Hopsin 4 Pres, 2015….

[Facebook / Hopsin]