You’d Be Insane To Pay $25,000 For These adidas Kanye West Scribbled On

So, there’s a pair of size 10 adidas shoes “sketched and signed” by Kanye West currently listed on Ebay with a starting bid of $10,000. The outright ‘Buy It Now’ option commands $25,000, and that’s exactly what’s wrong with America right now. The top of my head is about to fucking blow off just thinking about how ludicrous this notion is. Like, have a year’s worth rent or mortgage OR buy these gross shoes that contain the work of the “artist,” Kanye West, so they can sit around and collect dust. Hmmmmm, tough call.

First off, these are some HIDEOUS motherfucking shoes in their own right.

It seriously looks like a work boot fused with a running shoe that just had a sexual affair with every boring person living in western Europe.

“But Yeezy designed these, bro!!!”

Well, that explains exactly why the look the way they do. They don’t look practical to wear with, well, anything actually. Except maybe a leather man-skirt, but I don’t own one of those. You probably don’t either.

“The seller on Ebay even included videos of Kanye signing them! These are the real deal, man! A one of a kind, once in a lifetime opportunity to own!”

Big fucking surprise here with Kanye actually obliging to autograph something he designed, right? Because you know damn well if you approached ‘Ye with, say, a pair of Sperry boaters and asked him to sign them, he’d probably laugh in your face, refuse, and then make some comment about how they’re not worthy of his artistry. Which, mind you, looks like this.

I mean, the autograph is barely legible. And Yeezy didn’t even look too pleased when he was signing them, either. You can’t even see a K or an A or an N or an Y or an E on either shoe! Maybe you could make the argument that it’s an abbreviated scribble of “West,” but if that’s the case, Kanye forgot like two and a half letters. I mean, you could tell a first grader to sign “Kanye West,” and it would look cooler than that. But, I guess it’s the really amazing sketch of “a man in a ski mask,” as described by the seller, that makes these puppies so valuable.

Super artistic. Giving Picasso a run for his money, no doubt. Totally worth the $25,000 you probably have laying around.

Luckily, for humanity, at the time of writing there are zero bids on these pieces of “art,” so that restores my faith a little bit. However, there’s six people watching the auction, and that’s still scary. But, I’m willing to bet all six of them are Kanye, probably waiting to swoop in at the last minute and drop $25G’s on these so he can hang them above his headboard.

The kicker is, without Kanye’s John Hancock on them, these abominations of footwear are still going for upwards of $1500 on Ebay. Now I have all the respect in the world for sneakerheads who pride themselves on getting their hands on the rarest of the rare footwear, but come on guys, you can do better than this.

h/t Nice Kicks