Three-Year-Old Freak Of Nature Can Identify Every Led Zeppelin Song From The First Few Chords, Is A Genius

I remember playing this ‘name that tune’ game with my dad while riding his car to/from this Mexican restaurant we used to hit up every Wednesday night when I was growing up. He’d cycle through the Rock and Oldies stations, quizzing me on the bands playing every song. This is when I was like 9-14 years old, and I still would only guess the bands correctly like 75% of the time.

Meanwhile you’ve got this mop top little 3-year-old savant who can hear the first few chords of any Led Zeppelin song and name it. This little kid’s so young I’d be impressed if she knew her parent’s names, or was able to say the word ‘tuck’ without sounding like a drunk pirate. If we’re being perfectly honest here I don’t have a goddamn clue at what age kids learn to talk, but looking at that child I’m quasi surprised by the fact that she can even talk, let alone knows the entire Led Zeppelin catalog back and forth…Next stop, MIT.

Lastly, I’d like to send a big shout out to The Daily Dot for finding this and sharing this video. It’s not a site I’ve ever found myself reading until recently when an old friend of mine, Amy Vernon, took over as their Director of Audience Development. As it turns out they’re churning up some pretty good content, so go give ’em a click!

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