Lil Dicky And Fetty Wap Just Dropped ‘$ave Dat Money’ — A Track So Hot It Makes Ghost Peppers Feel Like Ice Cubes

by 5 years ago

This just might be the Summer Anthem for 2015. Moments ago former Richmond Spider and current L.A. rapper Lil Dicky just dropped ‘$ave Dat Money’ featuring Fetty Wap and Rich Homie Quan. I’m not gonna lie, before this track dropped I would’ve argued that Fetty Wap (Trap Queen) and Rich Homie Quan were out of Lil Dicky’s league. But it seems that looking back at the annals of rap and hip-hop Lil Dicky has risen the rap ladder a lot faster than any of us expected.

I really, REALLY didn’t want to post this video. A few months ago Lil Dicky had a show in D.C. and wouldn’t add me on the list, even though HE KNOWS that I was the person who submitted his first video ‘Ex Boyfriend’ to Reddit, and shared it with my bros here on BroBible, which subsequently launched his career. On top of that I was in D.C. with a few friend of his from college, and he wouldn’t even add us to his damn list. Fame changed this ginger-ass jabroni from Philly (fwiw, he’s not even from Philly proper, the dude’s from some township). I have in fact been sucking on sour grapes over that incident. But I’m not one to really hold a grudge, and I didn’t want to deprive you bros of ‘$ave Dat Money’ by Lil Dicky featuring Fetty Wap and Rich Homie Quan.

As someone who is also perpetually broke this track also speaks to me, because I need to ‘$ave Dat Money’ whenever possible. Hope you bros enjoyed this track.

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