Marco Rubio Said His Favorite Music Is EDM Even Though He’s Never Been To A Rave

Marco Rubio just changed the game when it comes to Presidential candidates pandering for the youth vote. During tonight’s CNN Town Hall Debate, the republican Senator from Florida (home to the Ultra Music Festival) said that EDM is his favorite music. But he added something that INSTANTLY kills his cred more than saying he’s never heard of Kandi bracelets… He’s never been to a rave.

That’s disappointing.

Sadly, Rubio did not further elaborate on his favorite DJs or whether he thinks Swedish House Mafia will ever get back together. If he truly wants the EDM vote, my fingers are crossed he stumps outside the gates of Ultra in Downtown Miami next month.

Now that everyone knows Marco Rubio is all about that PLUR life, the Internet can’t stop making fun of the Presidential candidate now:

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