Dude Play’s Metallica’s ‘Kill ‘Em All’ Songs In Major Key And It’s Proof Metallica Is Basically Just Blink 182

Kill ‘Em All was Metallica’s debut studio album, released all the way back in July of 1983. It set the stage for one of the biggest names in Rock N Roll to emerge out of the 1980’s, and a dude on YouTube just smeared it in feces by playing the album in Major Key instead of Minor Key. In doing so, this YouTuber showed that Blink 182 = Metallica, and Metallica = Blink 182.

To say that Metallica is basically Blink 182 isn’t really fair here, I’ll acknowledge that. After all, Blink 182 didn’t even come together until the Summer of 1992 when Tom DeLonge got suspended from H.S. and was forced to attend another school in San Diego where he met the band’s earliest members at a Battle of the Bands.

It’s possible that Blink-182’s iconic sound and Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All are both unique products of like-minded thinking, or it’s also possible that Blink-182 saw what worked for Metallica and injected new life into the songs by playing in Major Key…I’ll let you bros decide for yourselves.

(h/t reddit/videos)

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