Crazy Mom Has Epic Meltdown After Hearing A Rap Song On The Radio, Her Video Then Gets Turned Into Sick Rap

This mother of four typically tunes her radio to the Christian station when the family is in the car together but she scrolled past a Top 40 station just in time to hear ‘Norf Norf’ by Vince Staples, a Hip-Hop song. This experience was so devastating for the young mother that she immediately went home and uploaded a YouTube rant of her crying and reading off the ‘Norf Norf’ lyrics in front of her computer. Just below is the full rant and below that is the clip that’s been autotuned into a rap:

“Ill never listen to that radio station again, ever,” the rattled mom frantically explained. “I am shaking. I cannot believe that was on our local radio station. Top hits. Top hits! I just don’t understand why they think that’s okay.”

Naturally, the Internet’s been having quite a bit of fun with this clip, and it didn’t take long at all before someone chopped it up and autotuned the video. The end result is this Christian mother’s temper tantrum has now become a rap video of its own:

If I was a betting man I’d say that by the end of next week this Christian mother’s autotuned rap has 2-5x the amount of views as her initial meltdown. And I’d just like to acknowledge how nice it is to see autotuning a viral meltdown again, it’s been so damn long.

(h/t RawStory)

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