Someone Mashed Up Nickelback Lyrics To Create ‘Pantsfeet’, A One Lyric Song Better Than Any Actual Nickelback Tune

“I like your pants around your feet”…Sure, you can take nearly every song ever written and if you were to pull individual lyrics out of context even The Beatles would look like buffoons. But this is Nickelback we’re talking about, every fucking lyric they’ve ever written was penned to paper using feces as ink. They’re the worst band of the modern era yet they’ve somehow sold over 50 million albums worldwide according to their Wikipedia page (I call shenanigans, I’m guessing Chad Kroeger’s purchased at least 35 of those 50 million albums himself).

DJ Cummerbund, not to be confused with DJ Cumberbund, threw together this ‘Pantsfeet‘ jam in what I can only expect took him 30 minutes (he actually told me it took him 4 years to complete which I’m sure he was 100% serious about…). In this video he lets Nickelback‘s music speak for itself by isolating one lyric ‘I like your pants around your feet’, and he plays that over and over and over. I think we can all agree that this outshines anything Nickelback’s ever done and if this were a real song it’d probably be on its way to selling a million copies on iTunes because Nickelback fans would purchase tickets to a dumpster fire.

(h/t DIGG)

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