Phil Collins Joins Middle School Band for First Public Performance Since 2010, Is Awesome

Phil Collins back!

The coolest thing that ever happened at my high school is when a troublemaking kid called in a bomb threat from a pay phone inside the school and the cops came and arrested him during class. Or maybe it was when we figured out how to Jimmie free soda out of the machine.

Either way, nothing ever came close to this.

Last week, Phil Collins nonchalantly joined a middle school band in Miami to reprise some of his greatest hits.

The former Genesis frontman and hero to all hadn’t rocked out in public since 2010, probably because he was waiting for the perfect gig.

It was a tremendous moment but things did get a little weird when he made deep eye contact with a pimply 12-year-old during “In the Air Tonight,” fueling speculation he blamed the kid for letting an innocent man drown.

[H/T: The Week]