If You Weren’t A Prince Fan Before, This Video Of Him Kicking Kim Kardashian Off Stage Will Make You One

Back in 2011 at a concert in Madison Square Garden, February 7th to be exact, the dearly departed Prince pulled a move that even those who don’t appreciate his contributions to the world of music will certainly love.

For some reason during the show Kim Kardashian managed to get herself escorted on to the stage to join Prince. Mind you this was in the pre-Kanye, still dating Kris Humphries days so Kim didn’t even have the Kanye card to play.

As she stood there like a deer frozen in headlights Prince decided that enough was enough and told her very succinctly, “Get off the stage!” Followed by a “Welcome to America.”

And the crowd, as they say, went wild.

This one moment might be Prince’s greatest accomplishment out of the dozens and dozens of amazing things he achieved in the world of entertainment. Man, I’m goiong to miss this guy.

#NeverForget indeed.

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