Rapping Grandma Caught Spitting Hot Fire In The Back Of An Ambulance, Spits Bars Like A 78-Year-Old Nicki Minaj

by 3 years ago


Many years ago Norma Clarke got her five minutes of fame. The 78-year-old grandmother from Great Britain went on Britain’s Got Talent and showed the world that she can rap like a tortured youth from The Bronx. That was 8 years ago. After that her moment in the limelight quickly passed and the world went on without thinking about the Rapping Granny From Britain…until now.

This week she was picked up by an ambulance, and while getting her vitals checked the 78-year-old Norma Clarke proceeded to spit bars for her paramedics. It’s barely been a few days and already the video’s gone insanely viral, getting mixed, and remixed…and once again the rapping grandma, Norma Clarke, is getting the credit she deserves:

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