Redditor Accuses G-Eazy Of Ripping Off An Up-And-Coming Musician During A Tour Stop In Cincinnati

Stories like this one are always difficult. Since this seems to be primarily a case of he-said/she-said with only one side responding. It’d be completely unfair to paint one side as being in the wrong in this situation, until we’ve heard more about the scenario as a whole. According to Cincinnati-based musician Kendall Sullivan, she was allegedly presented with the opportunity to open and perform at G-Eazy and Logic’s Endless Summer Tour during their stop at Riverbend Music Center. All she had to do is pay a few thousand dollars.  Seeing this as her opportunity for a big break, Kendall forked over the money only to later find out that she wouldn’t be opening for anyone.

Kendall’s brother goes into more detail about the situation in a Reddit post:

“So last night The Endless Summer Tour came through my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. My sister is a recording artist herself, young and hungry and has never wanted anything out of life other than to make it in the music industry. A few nights ago she was put in contact with G Eazy’s drummer thanks to her promoter, and they discussed having her being the first opening act of the show, as well as having her sing Bebe Rexha’s part of Me, Myself & I. Apparently often times in the music industry there’s some sort of buy in cost to perform at big shows like these when you’re relatively unknown, so they wanted my sister to pay a few thousand dollars for the spot. My sister was more than willing and paid. So last night when she got to the venue it took her forever to have them let her back stage, and when they finally did and she handed in the instrumentals of the songs she was going to perform, they straight up told her that she wasn’t going out but gave her fifth row seats as some sort of consolation.”

While this is clearly a crappy situation for Kendall Sullivan, it’s possible that she was screwed over and that G-Eazy was completely unaware to the situation. Kendall never claims that she met with G-Eazy, but only a representative from his band. This along with the fact that she never got the contract in writing complicates the whole story. I doubt that G-Eazy would be so desperate for a few grand that’d he stoop to this level and potentially ruin his reputation.

What’s the moral of the story? Make sure to get everything in writing. Also, if you’re planning on doing business with someone, make sure you actually talk to them instead of their “drummer.”