Bro Asks Riff Raff To Sign His Gucci Flip-Flops After A Concert, Riff Raff Just Straight Jacks Them

Great little story that came to us via the DMs on our Instagram. A Bro recently hit up a Riff Raff concert, which is an experience everyone should have at least once in their life. Afterwards, he hit up Codeine Gucci Cowboy to get him to sign his pair of Gucci flip fops, which have become a hip hop cultural staple thanks to lyric drops by Future, 2Chainz, and Lil Wayne. Instead of signing them, Riff Raff pulled a Riff Raff and straight jacked them. Cause that’s just what Riff Raff do.

The proof is on Riff Raff’s Instagram and in the video above. Consider those designer Jesus shoes an offering to the neon Gucci gods.

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