Guys…. Riff Raff Is Giving Up Molly And Cocaine, But He’s Still Going To Smoke Weed

Whoa. Bombshell news from Riff Raff.  The Neon Python/Gucci Jacuzzi rap lord is getting clean, guys. According to an interview with TMZ, he’s giving up cocaine and molly:

Riff Raff has been touting his cocaine and molly addictions for 4 years … but now, the rapper tells us he’s giving up both FOR GOOD — even though he’ll continue puffing sticky icky.

The “Kokayne” rapper says he decided to get sober a few months ago … after he got so wasted the night before a celebrity basketball game for charity he couldn’t play.

Riff Raff says that’s when he realized he had a bad cocaine problem and had to turn his life around.

His cold turkey plan to kick his drug habit is BRO AS FUCK in classic Riff Raff fashion.

The 32-year-old says he isn’t going into treatment … he says fitness is the solution: “Whenever I have the urge to do coke or molly, I just pick up weights instead.”

Let’s hope this means the world is still gifted with Vines as wonderful as this one.


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