Russell Wilson’s Girl, Ciara, Scores With Sexy, New Music Video

As a current Seattleite, I have nothing but love for Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who has taken the Hawks to the postseason in each of his first three NFL seasons, winning a Super Bowl and losing another.

But, for Christ’s sake, Russ, live up to your Twitter handle and become a little bit more “DangeRuss” with your current girlfriend, Ciara, who, in my opinion, is one of the sexiest chicks on the fucking planet right now.

While another man’s sex life is none of my business, the fact that Wilson came out and admitted that he and the musician aren’t doing the dirty pretty much pissed me off, with a little bit of me wondering if all of this success has gone to the dude’s head.

I mean, what, just because you’re good at your day job, you think you can do whatever the hell you want to off of the field, too? Normal dudes don’t get the chance to fuck hot girls like Ciara, Russell, so you turning it down is a slap in the face of all mankind!

OK, enough of my ranting and back to what you really want to see—Ciara, sexy as all fuck, in her new video for the summer banger, “Dance Like We’re Making Love.”

Directed by Dave Meyers—whose hand I would really love to shake after watching this— the video has Ciara starting off in a pool, dressed up in some sexy dresses and, of course, showing a shit ton of skin.

After seeing Russell Wilson dance his ass off with his lady at the Kids’ Choice Sports Awards, I guess this duo is a good couple—even if he did look like a total twerp up there on stage.

More importantly, though, after hearing the news that these two aren’t knocking boots, I guess the only way they can both feel like they’re making love is by dancing—or so the song goes.