Reggae Group Slightly Stoopid Pauses Show To Check On Fan Who Passed Out

by 3 years ago

Chances are that you’ve heard some Slightly Stoopid before. Whether it was on a television show or from a junior-high wannabe stoner friend, it’s clear that the group’s music is pretty divisive. Personally, I do enjoy the few songs that I do know by the band, and it’s great to see a relationship between a band and their fans like Slightly Stoopid evidently has. It seems like at most concerts wouldn’t notice or especially care if one of their fans passed out (1 minute mark), but apparently this isn’t the case at a Slightly Stoopid concert. There are countless reasons that someone would pass out at a concert such as lack of water, exhaustion or tripping massive balls. Something tells me that we’re dealing with the third option here…

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