These Are The Songs That Appear Most Frequently On Workout Playlists If You’re Looking To Yoke Up Your Music Library

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut at the gym. Same time every day, same machines and same weights every single week and snooze. Maybe it’s not just your workout that needs an updating but your playlist. When was the last time you added new music to your workout playlist? Probably around the same time you bought new gym clothes, during Obama’s first term?

If you’re looking to yoke up your music library, the peeps at FiveThirtyEight did a little digging on all things workout playlist. They hooked up Spotify to figure out which songs, and artists, appear the most frequently on user-made workout playlists.

Here are the top 20 songs that showed up most frequently.

Now there’s a good chance you already own some or most of the songs on this list. There’s also a good chance you hate half the songs on this list because they play all day, every day. If that’s the case, FiveThirtyEight put together another list of the most popular songs on workout playlists that aren’t on Top 40 radio right now.

Now that’s a solid workout playlist. Imagine what this guy would do listening to those jams.

[via FiveThirtyEight]