Metal Band Invites Fan On Stage, Roasts Him, Watches In Amazement As Fan Slays Guitar

In this clip, we see members of the Comedy/Metal/Glam Rock band Steel Panther. If you’re not familiar with Steel Panther, their whole schtick is playing 80’s Glam Rock/Metal songs but poking fun at the genre the entire time, but they still kickass on stage.

This footage is actually from back in January but it’s just now making the rounds for some reason, probably thanks to a timely post over on Reddit’s r/videos where people are poking fun at Steel Panther for having any fans at all.

Regardless of your feelings towards Steel Panther, their brand of comedy Glam Rock and Metal, or this fan being pulled on stage in what might potentially be a setup but also appears to be genuine, I think we should all agree that this bro’s got chops on the axe. His guitar skills are legit, and this is eerily reminiscent of that movie Rock Star where ‘Marky’ Mark Wahlberg played Chris ‘Izzy’ Cole, the frontman in a cover band who was discovered by the actual band and went on to become a rock star in his own right. That movie came out in 2001, the same year Mark Wahlberg starred in Planet of the Apes, and as I’m sitting here perusing Mark’s IMDB page I’m beginning to truly appreciate how fucking weird of a career he’s had as an actor.

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