Taylor Swift Gets Stuck On Stage, Plays It Off As Cool As Someone Worth $200 Million Possibly Can

by 4 years ago

Hailing from the great city of Nashville, I get pretty fucking pissed off when I hear people talk shit about my home girl Taylor Swift.

Sure, I’ve only met her once in my life and it was a rather boring conversation before she got as big as she is now, but, even back then, Tay proved that she was one, rad chick who wasn’t going to change no matter how much stardom came her way.

With a net worth believed to be about $200 million—and she’s still just 25 years old—Swift might still dance like an awkward high-schooler at award shows, write songs about nearly every boy she has ever talked to, besides me, and appear to be always just a little bit too bubbly, but she proved during last night’s show in Washington D.C. that she’s just a good ol’ country girl at heart.

You see, when an artist is as big as T-Swift is, she gets some incredible swag to use while performing—like this customized stage that can only be described as, “a marvel of modern engineering, with a 360-degree radius that’s like the bow of the Titanic.” Those are the words of fellow BroBible writer Matt Birl’s, not my own.

In Layman’s terms, the thing is a fucking masterpiece, probably tested thousands of times to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Of course, nothing with technology is ever perfect, which is why Taylor Swift got stuck on the damn retractable stage during her D.C. show, just waiting for the stage crew to frantically figure out why the most popular musician on the planet was dangling a good 25 feet above the crowd.

In typical Taylor fashion, she played it off about as cool as possible, ignoring the fact that she was up there, and just continuing on with her show—proving why she’s still one of the girls in my rotating five.

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