Apparently No One Is Buying Any Tickets To See Iggy Azalea On Tour, Like AT ALL

Iggy Azalea has been something of a magnet for controversy over the past year or so. From an alleged sex tape to her recent social media blackout, Iggy Azalea’s first arena tour is in some serious jeopardy.

“It’s my first arena tour. And I’d like it to not be my last arena tour,” Iggy told GQ magazine last month, but if this chart (via Hollyscoop) showing the fact that almost no tickets have been sold is any indication it just might be her last arena tour, if it happens at all.

The blue, green and red sections show seats that are still available for her show at the Staples Center next month. The tickets have been on sale since December. Not good.

Just last week Iggy Azalea was quoted saying that she was glad she didn’t win a Grammy “because people already hate me enough.” Looks like she might be right on that count. “My speech would’ve been like, ‘Fuck this, I don’t want it! Take it! Get it away from me,” added Azalea.

The Wrap reports that Azalea is not only not doing any social media, she’s also reportedly not responding to her representatives and not doing any promotion for the tour so critical in encouraging ticket sales.

Perhaps this post to her Instagram account a few days ago was the last straw with her fans. Nothing else has been posted to her account since.

At least Iggy is still available to be seen by her fans if they’re into lip synch battles. So I guess there’s that.