This Umphrey’s McGee Set At Summer Camp With Gene Ween Will Melt Your Face Off

Look Bros, you know my deal around here — I like real live music. Not that press play DJ bullshit, but raw, rip-shit stuff with bands doing the cool shit that happens when talented musicians in bands makes music together.

There were like a million music festivals going on over Memorial Day weekend, so it’s a little hard to keep up with all the going-ons. EDC at New Meadowlands. CounterPoint in Georgia. Sasquatch at The Gorge. Mysteryland in Bethel Woods. Delfest in West Virginia for the bluegrass Bros. That’s just off the top of my head — I’m sure I’m missing at least a dozen dope smaller festivals all around the country that went down this past weekend.

Summer Camp in rural Illinois also belongs on that list. If you’re a fan of kick-ass jamtronica, you’ll love Umphrey’s McGee’s set as Godboner with Gene Ween, the legendary founder of Ween. After about a half-hour of grooves, Gene jumps on stage for a handful of Ween classics with Umphs.

It’s legit. Best one hour and thirteen minutes of continuous tunes you’ll hear today.

[H/T: Live 4 Live Music]

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