Who Is Crichy Crich? Meet The Rapper Who Infamously Got Tara Reid’s Name Tattooed On His Arm

Crichy Crich rolls with the punches and lets life take him wherever it feels like.

Hailing from Houston, Texas and having recently moved to Los Angeles, Crichy Crich is one of EDM’s newest rappers currently making his way up to the top of the music industry’s ladder. While his primary focus has only shifted to electronic music as early as one year ago, Crichy Crich already has tracks coming out with heavyweights such as Borgore, Jauz, Soulja Boy, DJ Paul of Three Six Mafia, EXSSV and RiFF RAFF.

But despite an impressive resume, you probably know him for something else.

I don’t know about you, but I’d pump the brakes if Tara Reid suggested that I get her name tattooed on my forearm. That begs the question though…where did Crichy even run into Tara Reid in the first place? How did they wind up in a tattoo parlor? And, of course, how did Tara manage to get away without having his name tattooed on herself as well?

Luckily for us, Crichy Crich was happy to sit down and answer the questions that everyone’s been wondering.

Let’s start from the beginning. How did you meet Tara? Where were you coming from? Where was she coming from? 

We met on a plane from Miami to LAX. We were both coming from Ultra/WMC/Miami Music Week. I had been on the road for 2 weeks straight, doing 9 shows at SXSW to a Texas Tour with my homie RiFF RAFF, then to Miami for Ultra and WMC. Originally I’d flown into Miami to play Ultra with Crizzly on Saturday, but he ended up having to cancel because his flight from San Diego got delayed. Instead I played The Buygore Records (Borgore’s label) party on Sunday with Borgore, Jauz, Deorro, DOTCOM, EXSSV and etc. so by the time I got onto the flight I was beyond exhausted. As for Tara, I think she was coming back from Ultra too.


I heard that you were anonymously texting Tara during your flight.

Yeah, Virgin Airlines has this thing where you can invite people to a chat on their seats. Me and my buddy Ross who was on the plane with me thought it would be funny to invite the whole plane into the chat and start buying everyone drinks. We had no idea that insane idea would turn into what it did, and when we started the chat we didn’t know Tara was in the chat.

So when did you find out it was Tara? Was she with anyone else?

I didn’t find out until I saw her step over the aisle to another group of friends to talk with them. Then I was like “YO Tara” and she looked over and waved and my friend took a photo. She was with a few friends that I believe were spread out throughout the plane.

Did you guys end up sitting together?

Yeah, they invited me up there to sit with them so my friend and I went up there and kept the party going.

You two had clearly been drinking in that now-infamous video, so did the plane have a party atmosphere? What were you guys pounding back?

I was already buzzed before I stepped onto the plane. Me and my friend missed out first flight so we started drinking at the hotel and by the time we boarded we were already pretty tipsy. Then we got the great idea to buy drinks nonstop on a 6-hour flight across the country. I was drinking vodka. Not even sure what everyone else had.

Well from what it looks like you and Tara hit it off. What was your first impression of her?

Tara’s a super cool chick. Her and her friend were both awesome and we got along instantly. I was showing them my music, talking about where we’re all from. Just basically having as much fun as you can have on a flight that’s not private [laughs].

So then how did the two of you wind up at a tattoo shop? Whose idea was it to get Tara’s name tattooed on your arm?

We took car service straight to one of their friends’ tattoo shops. By this point I barely even remember whose idea it was and how it got brought up, but clearly I thought it was brilliant.


Did the two of you hang out after you left the tattoo shop, or did the night end there?

Yeah, we left the shop and all went to hangout. Ended up meeting with some of her guy friends who are in a big pop group. They were awesome. We were all just showing each other our music, having some drinks, and having a great time. I would definitely consider them all new friends of mine.

Was Tara ever considering getting your name tattooed on her?

Nope, that was never a thing [laughs]. I once got my friends twitter handle tattooed on myself, so this tattoo wasn’t the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.

Were you a Tara Reid fan before yesterday? Maybe she was a past celebrity crush of yours?

I was born in the 90’s… I think every kid in the world was a fan of Tara in American Pie, which is also one of my favorite movies to this date. After getting to know her and seeing how cool she is I’m even more of a fan.

So it’s the morning after you got the tattoo…did you have any regrets?

I don’t regret it, I just had an awful hangover and saw that the story was all over the media. Really I was thinking about the next show I was going to play.

Speaking of performing live, I heard that you absolutely kill when you’re performing live. What’s been your favorite venue to perform at, and what made it better than all the rest?

Yeah, definitely tons of energy and crazy shit going on when I hit the stage. My favorite venue I’ve played at is The Marc in San Marcos, Tx. I would say the reason being is the sound is amazing and that’s my most die hard fan base in the country, and my homie Omar who owns the place always looks out!

What about college venues? Do you have a favorite campus that sticks out in your mind?

College Station and University of Arkansas are both always super live! Most college towns are, but something about those always bring a crazy party.

I have friends in various fraternities that you’ve played for and they told me that the shows get crazy. What’s one of the most insane experiences you’ve ever had playing for students?

Yeah, they definitely get pretty crazy.  I’ve had everything from groups of sorority girls trying to undress me onstage, to girls getting naked front row, to frat kids crowd surfing blackout drunk [laughs]. There’s never a dull moment

Based off of that show, would you want to go to school there?

Of course!

As we can all see your career is beginning to blow up – can you point us to where we can see you perform in the future?

I have tons of upcoming shows all around the country. I’m performing at tons of universities, festivals, etc. I’ll even be at EDC this year performing with some homies!! If you see my name coming to your campus, just know it’s about to be hella crazy.

Crichy Crich currently has upcoming shows in both Houston and Lubbock, Texas, but if that’s not enough for you then definitely make sure to at least check out his Snapchat, since as he puts it “That’s where the real entertainment is.”

– May 1st – Houston, TX w/ Styles&Complete
– May 2nd – Lubbock, TX w/ Waka Flocka, Lookas, Ookay

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