I Can’t Stop Watching This Vine of Riff Raff Talking About Why He Quit School

by 5 years ago

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Riff Raff is a celebrity who you either (A. love and laugh at him because of how ridiculous he is or (B. don’t understand AT ALL why he’s even famous. Personally, I think the guy is hysterical and mad talented. He’s like a white trash hickhop version of Hunter S. Thompson, minus HST’s sharp intellect, seeming to mock the idea of being famous while also embracing it. How can you not respect a man who only tweets in capital letters like he’s screaming at you?

Anyway, Riff Raff is everywhere these days. Someone cut Vine of why Riff Raff quit school and it’s pretty hilarious, especially since it looks like he just bumped the fattest line of Bolivian cocaine that’s ever been bumped:


#toomanygames. This is from a Pitchfork interview from last fall, which you can watch in full here:

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