Watch This Guy With Zero Experience Fight A Muay Thai Fighter After Just 30 Days Of Training

Being a fitness YouTuber must be exhausting work, not just for the exercise and constant challenges, but the process of coming up with new ideas every few weeks.

In a recent episode of “We Run This,” YouTuber and former Olympian Nick Symmonds showed us a giant whiteboard filled with potential video ideas for the next year.

Fitness YouTuber Laurie Shaw has completed several fitness challenges including learning to backflip in 72 hours and conquering “impossible pushups” but his latest challenge poses the threat of getting his lights punched out if he’s not careful.

Shaw trained in Muay Thai fighting for 30 days to see how drastically he could improve in the sport. At the start of the month, Shaw faced off against two seasoned fighters to see exactly how bad he was at kicking, punching, and protecting himself and to give himself a gauge of much he’ll improve at the end of the month.

After getting knocked down repeatedly on the first day, Shaw realized quickly this wouldn’t be an easy task and that he’s pretty incapable of protecting himself in a fighting situation.

When fight day finally arrives, Shaw is confident in his progress, his footwork, and punching technique, and while Shaw didn’t do badly, at least he didn’t hit the mat as many times as in the first fight.

Check out Shaw’s Muay Thai journey from training to fight day.


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