Olympic Runner Nick Symmonds Races Go-Kart To See Who’s Faster And Puts On A Pretty Impressive Performance

Former Olympic runner Nick Symmonds loves to race.

His YouTube channel is dedicated to racing fans on foot. If one of those fans manages to beat Symmonds, he’ll gladly hand out cash prizes.

Symmonds also raced a dog and went head-to-head with a scooter.

This time, Symmonds is taking on a Go-Kart to see if man or machine can do a faster lap around a track.

“They’re fast and they’re fun, but I just had to find out, AM I FASTER THAN A GO-KART??”  Symmonds wrote in the YouTube description for the video.

Symmonds and his Go-Kart foe ran (and drove) a 135-meter track at Camp Harlow in Eugene, Oregon. The Go-Kart driver was Maci Lapray, sister of YouTuber AJ Lapray.

Symmonds feels he’s at a slight disadvantage as the track is not “bent” and he really needs to angle his body a certain way to tack the corners. In other words, the track is made for machine and not name.

Symmonds hits the halfway mark around the track at about 11 seconds and finishes with a 21-second lap.

Lapray and the Go-Kart are up. The racer is slightly slower off the line but the engine speeds up quickly to close the gap.

The Go-Kart finishes with a 23-second lap, losing by just two seconds.

Symmonds decides to test his luck again, this time with four laps around the track while racing the vehicle at the exact same time.

With just 20 meters to go, Symmonds pulls away in the home stretch and scores the win.

[via Nick Symmonds]


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