WWE Star Sheamus Has A YouTube Channel Chock Full Of Intense Workout Ideas You Need To Check Out

Sheamus YouTube Workout Channel


Finding the motivation to hit the gym, and hit it hard, every day isn’t easy for the average guy. Hell, it’s not even easy for the men and women who get paid to stay in top physical condition.

Even professional athletes need the inspiration to go hard in the weight room. WWE superstar Sheamus found himself in a workout rut and lacking the impulse to toss any dumbbells or barbells around. While rehabbing an injury, a PT facility made the Celtic Warrior rethink his entire approach to working out and incorporate street training and MMA-style workouts into his routine.

This new outlook on total body training led the 6’4″, 267 lb former world heavyweight champion, King of the Ring and Royal Rumble winner to launch his Celtic Warrior Workout channel on YouTube. He wants to inspire others to “Brave Change.”

Each week, Sheamus enlists the help of WWE superstars like his tag team partner Ceasaro, Dolph Ziggler, Akira Tozawa, Becky Lynch and Bayley to gut through insane workouts for the benefit of the viewing audience.

Here are a few of the best videos from the Celtic Warrior Workout channel to check out first.

Ep.23 Bayley CrossFit Workout

Ep.26 Cesaro & Sheamus ‘The Bar’ WrestleMania 34 Workout

Ep.14 Strong Man Workout with Rob MacIntyre

Ep.08 Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre 500 Reps Workout

If you’re stuck in a gym rut, you now have the inspiration to “Brave Change.”

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Chris Illuminati is a 5-time published author and recovering a**hole who writes about running, parenting, and professional wrestling.