100 Things We Want From Santa For Christmas — 2020’s Best Gift Ideas For Guys

2020 best gift ideas for guys

2020 has been a year unlike any other and that’s a laughable understatement. It’s time to look towards shopping online for the holidays and saying ‘thanks’ to the people who helped get us through this year. Now that it’s officially gift-giving season I thought it was time to roll out the best yearly Holiday Gift Guide For Men. This is the one and only gift guide on the Internet that’s full of reliable men’s gift ideas, presents guys will actually be excited to open up on Christmas morning.

I try and keep this Gift Guide looking fresh every year so, aesthetically speaking, it might look a little different from the past few years. Instead of lumping a lot of gift ideas together, I’ve opted to go for a longer approach here and devote more time to each product that’s featured.

BroBible‘s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide has something for every guy which is perfect for hard to shop for guys and the guys who have everything. We have some rare whiskey selections along with affordable bourbons. I’ve featured a large collection of athletic apparel, leather boots, slim wallets, watches, sunglasses, camping equipment, and whole lot more. Now let’s get to this year’s holiday gift guide before I start rambling too much!


BroBible’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide For Men


4K Roku Streambar

It’s remarkable how quickly your life can improve at home when you invest just a few bucks into upgrading your home theater setup. The 4K Roku Streambar is an immediate game-changer as it delivers crisp, clear sound, rich and powerful bass, and it even quiets loud commercials. It comes with a voice remote so you can save time searching for what you want to watch or listen to.


NVIDIA GeForce’s Newest Gaming Laptops

We are living in the Golden Age of Gaming and we can thank NVIDIA GeForce‘s latest tech for getting us there. NVIDIA powers the world’s fastest gaming laptops but you know this if you’re into gaming. NVIDIA is a household name if you’re a PC gamer. With that said, maybe you are Christmas shopping for someone else this year?

I’m not saying you have to buy one of these laptops powered by the award-winning NVIDIA GeForce GPUs in order to have a great PC gaming experience but I’m also not-not saying that. I just think that anyone out there who enjoys gaming, and that’s just about everyone who’s taken enough time to find the games they like (there’s something for everyone), would benefit from these best-in-class NVIDIA gaming laptops. Check ’em out at that ‘shop now’ button below!


2020’s Best Whiskeys of the Year

2020 best whiskeys of the year

Fine whiskey is always best enjoyed with another person. And I consider myself incredibly fortunate that I was able to sample each of this year’s best whiskey releases but I would’ve loved to have shared some drams with all of you out there. I wanted to highlight a handful of this year’s best whiskeys for anyone out there looking to spend more than a little. I’ve also included many affordable options further down the gift guide. Whistle Pig’s The Boss Hog VII Magellan’s Atlantic Rye is probably the closest thing I’ve ever had to perfect rye whiskey. It’s the most expensive bottle in this gift guide but it’s worth every penny. The Boss Hog VII is a Straight Rye Whiskey aged 17 years in American Oak before moving to untameable Spanish staves whose rare oak gives it rich cinnamon and allspice and then it moves to South American teakwood for an added layer of spice and caramel.

The Russell’s Reserve 2003 ’16-Year-Old’ is probably my favorite Bourbon release of the year but there were so many exceptional expressions this year it’s hard to name a single favorite. This one might be hard to track down and by might I 100% mean you’ll have to do some digging to find it but it’ll be worth cent. This is a special release and will never be repeated. The Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Bottled in Bond is part of Wild Turkey’s annual Master’s Keep release and all of you serious Bourbon loves out there need to take notice of these. This is a 17-year-old BiB and only 14,400 bottles were made available nationally.

At a slightly lower price point is the Knob Creek 15-Year Bourbon Whiskey ($119) which is a limited-edition for 2020. It’s a 100-proof Bourbon with a dark bronze color and 77% Corn, 13% Rye, 10% Malted Barley mashbill. This has been one of my absolute favorite smooth sipping whiskeys of the year. And we have the Angel’s Envy Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey which is an annual release I look forward to every year because it keeps getting better and better. At 120.4 proof you’d think this would burn your mouth but the flavors are so smooth it’s hard to comprehend how it’s such a high proof whiskey. It carries notes of salted chocolate, oak, vanilla, and cherries.

[1] Whistle Pig’s The Boss Hog VII Magellan’s Atlantic [$599]

[2] Russell’s Reserve 2003 ’16-Year-Old’ [$250+]

[3] Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Bottled in Bond [$209]

[4] Knob Creek 15-Year Bourbon Whiskey [$119]

[5] Angel’s Envy Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey [$239]

Christopher Cloos x Tom Brady Sunlasses Collaboration

Tom Brady x Christopher Cloos sunglasses

6x Super Bowl Champion (4x SB MVP) Tom Brady partnered with Christopher Cloos, a leading maker of premium stylish men’s eyewear for a unique eco-friendly collection that will fit every guy’s style. Tom’s commitment to excellence pairs perfectly with Christopher Cloos‘ flawless frames and lenses. The frames are a timeless shape and the Noire, Espresso, Grey Tonic, and all-new Tokyo Tortoise models retail for $189.


Bossman Beards’ Four-Stage Process

Bossman Beards four stages

Cultivating and maintaining a perfect beard to frame our faces can be hard work but it doesn’t have to be that way. By following Bossman Beards’ Four-Stage Process you’ll protect your beard as the harsh winter weather sets in and it’ll have your face framed better than ever. The overview of their process is (1) Clean and Prep, (2) Repair and Condition, (3) Nourish and Enhance, and (4) Tame and Protect. You can use promo code ‘BOSSBRO’ at checkout for 10% off sitewide and get that beard looking better and healthier than ever before.


Nisolo Leather Boots and Shoes

I’ve featured Nisolo Leather Boots before and had to bring you this awesome promo code we’ve worked out with them from now until the end of the year. If you use ‘BBHOLIDAY’ at checkout you’ll save 20% off between now and 12/31/20.

The three pairs featured here are the Nisolo Andres All-Weather Boot ($210, usually $260), the Mateo All-Weather Boot ($218, usually $260), and the Diego Low Top Sneaker ($150). Their craftsmanship is unrivaled at these prices. You’re buying a world-class leather boot/shoe that could easily retail for 2x those prices because they’re that good. Just remember to use that promo code ‘BBHOLIDAY’ so save an extra 20% at checkout!

[1] Nisolo Andres All-Weather Boot [$210]

[2] Mateo All-Weather Boot [$218]

[3] Diego Low Top Sneaker [$150]

Lumin Skincare For Men

Have you ever stumbled into a product or brand that was so great you realized it was immediately part of your daily routine? That’s exactly how I felt when I discovered Lumin Skincare. I’ve been hooked on their Charcoal Cleanser, Exfoliating Rub, and Moisturizing Balm for the better part of this year. If you are shopping for yourself or any guy out there then this is a PERFECT gift that most guys won’t purchase for themselves but will absolutely love, appreciate, and tell you later about how much they’re enjoying Lumin Skincare.


Meridian Grooming

Meridian Grooming Essentials Holiday Gift Ideas

Meridian Grooming is a perfect one-stop-shop gift idea for anyone looking to take better care of his body hair. Meridian Grooming is a branch of Lumin and they are here to help you maintain ‘your package’ with their gift sets which include The Trimmer, The Spray, Replacement Blades, and Boxer Briefs. Putting the aesthetics aside, I’ve been pushing my distance running further than ever the past few months and maintaining body hair is a very important aspect of that. I’ve just picked up this set myself and it’s a MASSIVE upgrade over my old clippers.


2020’s Best Whiskeys of the Year

2020 best whiskeys of the year

Here we have some of my favorite 2020 whiskeys under $100. I look forward to the quarterly Booker’s Batch Bourbon releases as much as anything on the Bourbon calendar because each one borders on perfect but they are so unique and different from one another. The 93-point Heaven’s Door Double Barrel Whiskey has become a favorite of mine this year and one I’m quick to bust out anytime the family’s over.

I just dove into the Redemption 10 Year-Old Barrel Proof Rye for my first time and I’m in love. The first sip hit me like the first time I had Banana’s Fosters at Brennan’s in New Orleans with strong notes of banana and caramel. I highly highly highly recommend tracking down the Redemption Barrel Proof releases.

[1] Baker’s Single Barrel 7-Year Bourbon [$59]

[2] Heaven’s Door Double Barrel Whiskey [$50]

[3] Booker’s Batch Bourbon [$85+]

[4] George Dickel Bottled in Bond [$42]

[5] Redemption 10 Year-Old Barrel Proof Rye [$94]

Vuori Performance Clothing

Vuori Half Zip and Ponto Pants

I had to recommend these two pieces from Vuori because they’ve been two of my personal favorites over the past year. The Vuori Ease Performance Half Zip and the Vuori Ponto Performance Pant pair perfectly together if you are looking to complete the set.

I think what you’ll love the most about the Vuori Ease Performance Half Zip is the versatility. You can wear this on a run (I have), hiking, running errands, and as a stylish layer. It also has built-in UPF 30+ so I’ve found it to be perfect for boat days. And the Vuori Ponto Performance Pants are amongst the softest and most comfortable I’ve ever owned. The 89% Polyester and 11% Elastane blend come together in what I can only describe as soft as cashmere. I wear these all the time and recommend them for chilling in everyday life.

[1] Vuori Ease Performance Half Zip [$76]

[2] Vuori Ponto Performance Pants [$84]


All Citizens Underwear

All Citizens Underwear review

Christmas is the best time of year to refresh the underwear drawer and All Citizens Underwear is a perfect way to do that. They have been specifically engineered to ensure they let the boys breathe and don’t ride up. Their moisture-wicking high-performance microfiber is EXACTLY what I need year-round in Florida. All Citizens has some impressive designs but I don’t personally know you or the person you’re shopping for so I’ll suggest hitting that ‘shop now’ link to find the style that best fits your life!


Dr. Martens 1460 Boots

I don’t know about you bros but I can vividly remember my first pair of Dr. Martens back in the day. It was around the same time I got into skateboarding, which was probably the same phase in life that most guys came to discover how incredibly awesome and timeless Dr. Martens are. So I wanted to take this opportnity to bring them back into your life with the Dr. Martens 1460 Boots.

Even with premium leather, the Dr. Martens 1460 Boots have a waterproof option, the 1460 Men’s Waterproof Lace Up Boots, meaning they don’t sacrifice substance for their classic style. The result is a durable boot that takes you pretty much anywhere, which is why, year after year, these are among the best boots for men.


One-Of-A-Kind Designs From Deejo Knives

Deejo Knives offers one-of-a-kind holiday gifts this year

There are so many reasons to add Deejo Knives to your holiday wish list I’m not even sure where to begin but we can start with the obvious: guys love pocket knives. It’s just in our DNA. We like to refresh our collection every so often. We also love unique gear and the customization available from Deejo Knives means we can truly own a lightweight, razor-sharp, and durable pocket knife that’s one-of-a-kind. These are perfect gifts for yourself, dad, or a White Elephant if you’re doing those this year.


Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Bose Black Friday Sale

Bose makes the best headphones on the planet. This is not an opinion, this a fact. And they’ve been doing it for years. This holiday season is the perfect time to finally take that plunge and pick yourself up a pair of the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 so you can tune out the noise. Working from home can be distracting. Trying to fall asleep on a plane can be an uphill battle if you’re easily distracted. With the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 you’ll have one of the finest pairs of headphones on the planet and life will be just a little bit easier and a whole lot better which is all I’m really asking for these days.


Tervis Tumblers Are A Truly Perfect Gift

holiday gift ideas Tervis Tumbler

Listen, I might be biased when it comes to Tervis Tumbler because I grew up in Sarasota, Florida and as a kid we took a field trip to the nearby Tervis factory. And Tervis Tumblers are quite literally a way of life here in Florida. You can walk into any home in this part of the country and find some Tervis Tumblers in the cabinets. A home isn’t a home without Tervis.

So why not refresh the Tervis Tumbler collection or gift someone some Tervis Tumblers this Christmas? Or for whatever occasion you might be celebrating? My go-to engagement gift for people in my life is a customized Tervis with a picture of the couple along with their names and the date they got engaged. People love that personal touch. They’ve got everything from Baby Yoda to every team in the four major sports and I’m falling for their ‘Southern Touch’ collection. Whatever you’re looking for in a tumbler, they’ve got it and you can’t beat their prices compared to other double-walled vacuum-sealed tumblers on the market.


2020’s Best Whiskeys of the Year

2020 best whiskeys of the year

The Old Forester 1910 Fine Whisky is as reliable of a whisky as you’re like to find anywhere. This is perfect for sipping or gifting whiskey because it’s underpriced and bursting with flavor. The Hatozaki Small Batch Japanese Whisky was a special one to me this year because I got to do a Zoom tasting on Friday night with the master distiller in Japan who woke up at sunrise on Saturday to drink with me. He took me through this special small batch Japanese whiskey and I’ve been hooked over since. It’s smooth enough to sip before dinner or at the end of the night and it sits really well and opens up in your glass.

The new Courage and Conviction American Single Malt likely would’ve dominated the global awards this year if there were global awards but it’s been a weird year and I feel like this generationally exquisite release hasn’t been given the credit it deserves. This expression proves that American Single Malt is here to stay and as good as anything out of Scotland these days. And I haven’t actually had the fortune of trying this year’s Laphroaig Cairdeas Port & Wine Aged but I used to get the annual Carideas releases every year and have always been gobsmoked by how flavorful they are, just bursting with smoke.

[1] Old Forester 1910 Fine Whisky [$59]

[2] Hatozaki Small Batch Japanese Whisky [$65]

[3] Courage and Conviction American Single Malt [$75]

[4] Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel 2020 Barrel Proof Rye [$65]

[5] Orphan Barrel Muckety-Muck 24 Year Old Single Grain Scotch [$249]

[6] Laphroaig Cairdeas Port & Wine Aged [$75+]


Innova car scan

The technology in cars these days is virtually unrecognizable from when I got my first Ford Mustang back in high school. Truly, we’re living in the future with features like auto-pilot available in certain cars. But we’re still being held back by a lack of transparency between that ‘check engine’ light on our dashboard and diagnosing an actual problem. That’s where INNOVA comes into play. Imagine being able to figure out the problem on the spot without the help of a mechanic. With INNOVA’s RepairSolutions2 App and their CarScan Mobile 1000, you now live in that world.

Ideal for a holiday gift this year, INNOVA is a leading supplier of test equipment and diagnostic reporting for car drivers, helping millions of people identify issues before they get too big — or too expensive. And with the RepairSolutions2 App and CarScan Mobile 1000, you can quickly navigate any issues with your car from the touch of your mobile phone, making sure it runs smoothly.


USA Palm Reversible Sherpas

USA Palm sherpas and flannels

A ‘Sherpa’ isn’t just a type of fleece it’s the BEST type of fleece. And USA Palm makes the best reversible fleeces around, you can bank on that. Founder Logan Tighe knew all the way back in middle school that it was his mission to create the world’s best sherpa and he went on to build the USA Palm brand from scratch into the powerhouse it is today. These reversible shaggy sherpas are here to give you unmatched comfort on a Fall or Winter day. It’s like wrapping yourself in 50% cloud and 50% blanket. You cannot beat these.


SAXX Underwear For Your Holiday Wish List

I say dress for the season you want, not the season you have. That’s why I wear Christmas-themed boxer briefs all year long even when it’s mid-July and people question if I’ve got a thing for reindeer. But I know you guys out there are more practical than I am and like to keep your boxer briefs fresh, clean, and comfortable. With SAXX Underwear you’ll cover all those bases this holiday season and then some. SAXX makes the most comfortable underwear, workout shorts, loungewear, and onesies around. Whoever you’re shopping for, yourself or someone in your life, this is a perfect place to start.


Rhone Apparel

I first stumbled onto Rhone Apparel a while back when I was walking around Brookfield Place in lower Manhattan and struck up a conversation with the gentlemen at their pop-up shop. As someone who writes about and reviews high-performance apparel and gear for a living I was extremely impressed with his depth of knowledge about the brand and I thought I’d give it a try. The rest was history, I’ve been a fan ever since.

Rhone Apparel is built for warming up, working out, cooling down, chilling out, and living your life no matter what pops up. The quality of these pieces will signal to whoever you’re shopping for that this was a gift you put some thought into, or if you’re shopping for yourself then you are going to end up with some excellent pieces.


Texas Standard Sport Shirts

Texas Standard is an amazing men’s brand I didn’t learn about until this year and I really think they are poised to explode in popularity soon because they’re making some of the best shirts around. Just like a car, there’s so much under the hood with these shirts that you might not notice at first. They feature hidden button collars, corner-cut sleeves, and they’re hand-sewn by third-generation shirt makers in West Texas. These shirts are built for going from the office to the outdoors and whatever life might throw your way.

In addition to their Sport Shirts, Texas Standard has an impressive array of Polos, Guayaberas, Tees, Tennis, and a whole lot more. Just hit that ‘shop now’ button below to see their latest and greatest!


Faherty Brand Fall and Winter Layers

Holiday Gift Ideas For Men 2020

The Faherty Brand Reversible Belmar Shirt ($148) was engineered to be perfectly reversible and two shirts in one. You cannot beat that. The doublecloth fabric has an airy homespun texture and it’s woven from organic cotton that’s buttery soft and light. This shirt comes in a few different styles but this one caught my eye.

Next is the Cashmere Blend Waffle Quarter Button ($348) which will likely be the single best sweater you ever purchase whether it’s for you or someone else. Don’t get distracted by the price, you get what you pay for, and this is one of the finest sweaters made. It’s a 70% Wool and 30% Cashmere blend that’s true to size and it’s made with waffle stitching to lock in warmth. This is a CEO sweater, a sweater for someone who just got a promotion or a raise. It’s truly excellent.

You can also hit that ‘shop now’ button below to check out the new arrivals from Faherty!


High-Performance Lululemon Apparel

Lululemon Men's Christmas Gift Ideas

It wasn’t all that long ago when I couldn’t even wrap my mind around wearing lululemon as a guy which is almost unfathomable to me at this in life where I workout in lululemon probably five days a week and have been living in their athleisure pants and shorts for most of this year. Seriously, I’m wearing the hoodie and shorts featured below as we speak because they’re so good I never want to wear anything else.

[1] License to Train Boxers [$38]

[2] Pace Breaker Short 7″ Linerless [$68]

[3] Metal Vent Tech SS 2.0 (5 Colors) [$78]
[4] At Ease Hoodie (2 Colors) [$148]

[5] ABC Jogger (4 Colors) [$128]


Leatherman Multi Tools and Knives

Leatherman Multi-Tools and Knives

I’ve been a brand loyalist with Leatherman since my parents gave me my first Leatherman back in the Cub Scouts. They are built to last a lifetime if you treat them right and I wouldn’t trust any other brand to make me a multi-tool. Here we have the Leatherman Skeletool CX ($79), Leatherman Crater C33X ($29), and the Leatherman Super Tool 300 EOD ($99) which are certain to fit your everyday carry needs.

The multi-tools offer you so much more than just a pocket knife by providing you tools you use on a daily or weekly basis. Toss them in your pocket, backpack, truck, or toolbox and they’ll always be there for you when you need them.

[1] Leatherman Skeletool CX [$79]

[2] Leatherman Crater C33X [$29]

[3] Leatherman Super Tool 300 EOD [$99]


Mack Weldon Fall ‘fits

Mack Weldon Shirt Vest Pants

Mack Weldon

Why bother shopping around when you can pick up your Fall/Winter favorites all from Mack Weldon with this quick outfit I’ve put together for you gentlemen. The Mack Weldon 37.5® Oxford ($88) comes in five colors for you to choose from and it’s designed as a ‘high-performance, low maintenance shirt’ that’s made from a blend of 60% cotton and 40% 37.5 polyester. This shirt is naturally sweat-preventing. The Mack Weldon Habitat Puffer Vest ($148) will look great over that shirt. This vest is fully reversible (2-in-1) and comes in either Charcoal/Black which you see here or Total Eclipse/True Black.

The vest is stuffed with 3M thinsulate insulation and has six pockets for all your needs, it’s also machine washable which is clutch! You can complete the ensemble with Mack Weldon Radius Pants ($98) which come in six different colors for you to pick out. These were engineered with technical fabric (91% polyester, 9% spandex) so you can workout in them, chill out, run errands, live your life, and pretty much do anything. These pants are water, wind, and stain-resistant.

[1] Mack Weldon 37.5® Oxford [$88]

[2] Mack Weldon Habitat Puffer Vest [$148]

[3] Mack Weldon Radius Pant [$98]

Leather Boots, Shoes, and Slippers

best men's leather boots

Guys love leather footwear. This is a fact. I personally own 3 of these 5 you see above and will vouch for every single one of these boots, shoes, and brands. These range in price and purpose but if you’re looking for a rugged everyday workboot you should check out the Forsake Halden Boot while the OluKai Moloa Slipper has become my favorite footwear for working from home lately. And the world-class Rancourt & Co. Brunswick Boot is a perfect gift if you’re looking to spend a large chunk of cash on someone or yourself.

[1] Forsake Davos High Boot in Toffee [$169]

[2] OluKai Kalia Puki [$165]

[3] OluKai Moloa Slipper [$120]

[4] Forsake Halden Boot [$149]

[5] Rancourt & Co. Brunswick Boot [$395]


Philips Hue Light Bar Starter Kit + Smart Lightstrip

Philips Hue Smart Lights

It seems cheesy to say “I’ve seen the light” when talking about Philips Hue smart lights but that’s exactly what it feels like. I picked up the Hue Play Light Bar Starter Kit with Bridge a few months ago and loved it so much I decided this is what I’m buying my parents for Christmas this year. I used to think that they were just lights and there wasn’t anything exciting about that but the Hue Labs features are incredible. You can sync the lights to the colors of your favorite football team and set it to turn on for game time. You can turn on random light sequences for holidays like Halloween or Christmas and set soothing colors for dinner parties. If you’re out of town you can have them randomly turn off/on and change all sorts of colors so it appears as if someone’s home if anyone is looking through your windows.

I really can’t tell you why you’re going to love the Philips Hue Play Light Bar so much but I can tell you that after a few months I’m still using it every day, I’m loving it, and now everyone I’ve spoken to who has Philips Hue tells me their similar experience. You’ll just have to try it out for yourself!

[1] Hue Play Light Bar Starter Kit with Bridge [Buy on Amazon]

[2] Philips Hue Bluetooth Smart Lightstrip Plus [Buy on Amazon]


TEMPO F Coffee Nootropics Brain Support

tempo fck coffee nootropic review


Tempo F Coffee is a natural nootropic supplement created to be an effective alternative to coffee. It is cleaner than energy drinks and uses a zero-calorie formula designed to improve mental performance for up to 6 hours. Contains natural ingredients such Hovenia dulcis, Picrorhiza kurroa, and Prickly Pear extracts with broccoli sprout powder which provide vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, B-vitamins, biotin, magnesium, zinc, and potassium.

This is a perfect stocking stuffer at this price!!!


Ten Thousand Interval Shorts

Ten Thousand Interval Shorts

Ten Thousand

The mission of Ten Thousand was to distill athletic apparel down to its core by employing committed athletes to create apparel for fellow athletes. These shorts are made from the lightest four-way stretch material around and they’ve been exhaustively field tested (by athletes, for athletes).

Ten Thousand has several styles but we’re looking at The Interval Short today which is ideal for HIIT, AMRAPS, and Metcons. I’ve been loving the Interval Short for Cycling + HIIT exercise. This short has an internal liner that keeps everything in place but you can also order them without the liner if you’d prefer.


YETI Camping Accessories

Holiday Gift Ideas YETI Camping Cooler Accessories

Guys love YETI camping gear not because of the YETI name, though that doesn’t hurt, but because their coolers last forever. I’ve also had my eye on the YETI Trail Head Camp Chair ($300) for quite a while now. There’s a decent chance I would’ve purchased it already if we were tailgating this year but it’s been a weird one.

[1] YETI Rambler Colster [$25]

[2] YETI Trail Head Camp Chair [$300]

[3] YETI Hopper M30 [$300]

[4] YETI Hopper Flip 8 Soft Cooler [$200]

[5] YETI V Series Hard Cooler [$800]


GNC’s BOGO 50% Off Ghost Supplements

GHOST supplements

With GNC’s BOGO 50% OFF deal on Ghost supplements, you’re going to look like the best gift-giver on the planet because you’ll be able to buy 2x whatever you planned on. Check out the Ghost WHEY – Nutter Butter (BOGO), GHOST® LEGEND® Pre-Workout – Sour Patch Kids® Redberry (BOGO), the GHOST Energy Drink (BOGO), and every other flavor of pre-workout and protein under the sun.

The fact of the matter is protein and pre-workout doesn’t have to taste bad. If you think it does it’s because you’re shopping the wrong brands and GNC’s here to save you with their BOGO deal. GNC and GHOST bring you some damn tasty flavors that’ll have you seeing gains in no time.


Save Up To $3,000 On Samsung TVs

I’ve always (wrongly) believed that you have to shop for new TVs around Super Bowl Sunday if you want to save money. This is wrong. I’ve been wrong my entire adult life. Samsung’s offering just unbelievable deals for the holidays and I feel foolish that I’ve only just now discovered them.

This Christmas, you can save up to $3,000 on Samsung’s 8K TVs, up to $1,200 on 4K QLED TVs, and up to $700 on Samsung’s Q60T 4K QLED TVs. Since I was fortunate enough to snag one of the new Xbox Series X’s before they disappeared I need a cutting-edge TV to take advantage of the next-gen graphics and it’s reassuring to know that Samsung’s got my back with literally thousands of dollars in savings (up to THREE THOUSAND!!). Their QLED 8K TVs have 33 MILLION pixels. Just let that sink in for a second. You simply cannot top that AND save up to three grand.


TRUFF’s New Black Truffle-Infused Pasta Sauces

TRUFF pasta sauce

TRUFF just debuted two pasta sauces, a Black Truffle Pomodoro Sauce and a Black Truffle Arrabiatta Sauce. If you’re reading this article then it’s likely because you love truffles or you’re buying a gift for someone who loves truffles and I’m here to tell you these TRUFF Pasta Sauces are the REAL DEAL.

The thing about fresh truffles is they are hard to find, very rare, and thus quite expensive. I bought some fresh black and white truffles for Christmas (two years ago) from a friend who imports them into Charleston and distributes to restaurants and it was the most I’d spent on Christmas in my life. That’s why TRUFF Pasta Sauce is such a damn good value. You can get a 2-pack of the Black Truffle Pomodoro, Black Truffle Arrabbiata, or a 2-Pack Combo for just $29.99.


Everglades Fishing Co. Gear and Apparel

Everglades Fishing Co.

I first went fishing with Capt. Jimmy from Everglades Fishing Co. about 3 years ago and count myself fortunate to know that guy. If you are looking for the best quality fishing apparel and gear around AND a small business owned by a guy who works his ass off then this is a no-brainer. The Everglades Fishing Co. deck boots are quite literally the best on the market. If there were awards/a contest for the best deck boots they would win. This is a fact. But the shirts, buffs, hats, socks, and dry bag are all affordable and make for perfect big gifts or stocking stuffers. And if you’re in the area and want to go fishing then book a charter and tell him I sent you so he shows you the *good* spots.

[1] Everglades Fishing Co. Waterproof Bag [$70]

[2] Tri-Blend Long Sleeve Charcoal Shirt [$35]

[3] EFC Lure Socks [$10]

[4] EFC ‘Palms’ Buff [$12]

[5] Light Blue Fin “Mokie” Hansen Collection Hat [$25]

[6] EFC Deck Boots- Digi Camo [$119]


Cocktail and Wine Essentials

holiday gift ideas 2020

[1] Woodford Reserve Spiced Cherry Bourbon Barrel Aged Bitters [Buy on Amazon]

[2] The Glencairn Whiskey Glass (Set of 4) [Buy on Amazon]

[3] Vinturi Red Wine Aerator With Base [Buy on Amazon]

[4] Nerd Bakery Natural Earl Grey Syrup for Old Fashioned’s [$21]

[5] Coravin Model Two Premium Wine Preservation System [Buy on Amazon]

Limited-Edition Timex ‘Cola’ Sport Watch

Timex Cola Sport Watch Huckberry Limited Edition

I don’t know that it’s entirely fair to say that all of the greatest watch styles have already been designed because we have no clue what the future holds but I can tell you from personal experience that my favorite wristwatch styles were all designed around WWII or in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, and every watch I’ve loved since then has been a tweak of those classic designs.

This new limited-edition creation from Timex was done in partnership with Huckberry and for this watch, they looked at the vintage military designs of the 70s and 80s and came up with the gorgeous and affordable Huckberry x Timex “Cola” Sport Watch ($189). As a nod to those vintage military designs, this watch has a ‘crosshair’ dial with polished and faceted 6, 9, and 12 markers. It comes with a stainless steel bracelet and is powered by a Seiko PC33 quartz movement.


1980s-Inspired Timex Watch

Timex 80 Watch


I really don’t need to do anything to hype the Timex 80 Watch up. Just look at this glorious creation. It comes in both Black and Silver and it’s criminally underpriced (in my humble opinion/IMHO) because it’s selling for only $59 right now on Huckberry.

This is an everyday watch borne from a generation of ‘DeLoreans, Duran Duran, and Donkey Kong’ that was designed to be ”rad’ in every sense of the word’ by utilizing a geometric watch face and steel expansion band combined with Timex durability and trust. This is a watch you can wear with pretty much every outfit you own (Shorts, Jeans, Chinos, Shortleeves, Tanktop, Buttondown, etc.)


6 Of The Best Pocket Knives Out There

best pocket knives Christmas gift ideas

If you are in the market for a new pocket knife then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve included a broad collection of this year’s best everyday carry pocket knives and listed them in ascending order of price from $30 up to $140. Everyone’s needs are different. You might be looking for a cool gift to toss in someone’s Christmas stocking this year or perhaps you’re purchasing a new tool for everyday use. Regardless of the needs, I’m confident you’ll find what you are looking for in this collection of the best men’s pocket knives available right now.

[1] Leatherman Skeletool KBx Pocket Knife [$30]

[2] Roark Saigon Special Knife [$45]

[3] SOG Knives Flash AT [$75]

[4] Benchmade 380 Aller Multi-Tool [$136]

[5] The Carter by The James Brand [$139]

[6] Civilware Brad Leone Carbon Fiber Puncher [$140]


The Ridge Wallet for Everyday Carry

he bottomline is this: Every single Ridge Wallet is engineered for an active lifestyle. There are many other slim wallets out there, but the Ridge Wallet is winning name recognition amongst men of all ages with it’s branding as the best everyday carry wallet of choice for guys who like to get out there and have an adventure.

What Patagonia is to the outwear game and Jeep is to the off-roading game, the Ridge Wallet is to the everyday carry wallet game. It’s the Yeti cooler of wallets.


Whiskey Peaks Decanter + Whiskey Glass Set

Whiskey Peaks Decanter and Glass Set

Whiskey Peaks

It’s Whiskey Season all year long but my whiskey intake goes up exponentially as the weather cools down and the holidays approach. I haven’t been doing much traveling lately but with the Whiskey Peaks Decanter + Whiskey Glasses Set I can live vicariously through our nation’s top peaks from the comfort of my man cave.

Each of these glasses and the decanter feature topographic designs of our nation’s most iconic peaks. You pour the whiskey over the mountaintops and can see the craggy rocks poking out through your spirits of choice. With the holidays knocking on our doorstep, this Whiskey Peaks Decanter + Glass set a perfect gift to yourself or anyone in your life who appreciates fine whiskey.


If you are still looking for more holiday gift ideas you can check out this roundup of the Best Holiday Gifts For The Gamers In Your Life, our collection of everyday carry gear, my weekly ‘Things We Want’ feature, along with all of our past Holiday Gift Guides.

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