5 Video Gaming Accessories Every Bro Should Own

by 3 years ago


Tis the season to be gaming, bros. I’m guessing a lot of you readers stocked up on video games over Christmas and have been on an absolute bender ever since, only taking breaks to refill your Monster Energy Drink and stock up on new bags of Doritos….That is if you and I have similar gaming habits. So we’ve established that you or your bros got hooked up with all sorts of new video games for Christmas, but chances are you’re still missing the accessories that’ll complete your man cave.

Now there’s a chance that you own one or two of these items, but there’s zero chance whatsoever that you own all 5, that’s why I figured I’d toss them in a post together and share ’em with you bros, so you know what you were missing out on…Now let’s check out the goodies:

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