8 Crazy Liquors Every Bro Should Try This Summer

Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale

Imagine Aunt Jemima and Porky Pig got drunk and made a baby. That baby’s tears would taste like this. And they would get you buzzed. Pretty cool for a baby. This delicious, bacon-y, maple-y brew is actually a happy collaboration between Rouge Ales, a brewery out of Oregon and Voodoo Doughnut, an iconic donut joint in Portland. And nothing says summer like donuts and bacon and beer. Thanks, Oregon!

Midnight Moon Aged Fruit Moonshine

This summer, take a page out of “The Great Gatsby” and “Boardwalk Empire’s” cocktail book and rassle yourself up some Prohibition-style moonshine…loaded with 80 Proof Fruit. Handcrafted in small batches from legendary bootlegger Junior Johnson’s family moonshine recipe in North Carolina, this hooch is the real deal. Choose from Apple Pie, Cherry and Strawberry, and please, feel free to slug it directly from the mason jar.


Your date wants champagne. You want beer. You show her what a worldly, resourceful, and compromising kind of guy you are by serving up an Infinium. Made by the brewers at Samuel Adams in collaboration with Weihenstephan, this champagne-like beer is crisp, well-carbonated and malty without being too sweet or overly dry. The size of a champagne bottle (750 ml), though it may look more delicate, Infinium actually packs a punch that’s twice as strong as beer, at 10.3 percent alcohol. You always knew you liked to compromise.

Adult Chocolate Milk

It’s chocolate milk. It’s vodka. ‘Nuff said.



Alaska Smoked Salmon Flavored Vodka

Ok, before you completely count this one out, let us point out that this badboy has enormous potential to be ingested as a breakfast drink (you remember how much you like bagels and lox, right?). This premium vodka starts with glacier ice from Alaska’s pristine Prince William Sound, and is later infused with a savory salmon flavor. While we wouldn’t go make a sangria with it, think of all the Bloody Mary possibilities.

Dom Perignon Luminous Label

When you really want to pimp it out after the sun goes down, pop open a bottle of Dom Perignon Luminous Label. This magnum’s got a glow-in-the-dark label that stays illuminated for up to nine hours–aka, more than enough time to party til the break-a, break-a dawn. Even better? It’s waterproof, which to you, means hot tub-proof. Pop the cork!

Whiskey In A Can

What do you get when you cross the brilliant packaging of the King of Beers with booze fit for the King of Scotland? Whiskey In A Can. This surprisingly high quality Scotch is distilled and matured in Scotland for three years in oak barrels, and its summer-friendly casing makes it easier to take to the beach than your favorite bottle. Done and done.

CREAM: Alcohol Whipped Cream

Summer means skin. And skin means body shots. Or, in this case, body dollops of deliciously boozy whipped cream. Most definitely geared for the ladies, we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy this one too. Just squirt this 30 proof alcohol-infused whipped cream on your favorite lady friend, and well, we’re sure you know how to take it from there.

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