Are You Addicted to Your Phone? The Huffington Post Offers 6 Signs

Pretty interesting zeitgeisty stuff from the Huffington Post, who offered up six ways to tell if you are totally addicted to that thang buzzing in your pocket. Truth be told, it is pretty amazing how much of our lives do revolve around these tiny devices. 

Here are the six signs, according to the article, that you are a slave to technology:

1.  You Have To Respond… Immediately

Gotta say, I don't really get this one. People who do this tend to cause me extreme stress and annoyance, and sometimes need to go the route of Dwight Howard at the end of last season (they need to be out down). Spending a ridiculous amount of time thinking about a response seems like another possible addict route. 

2. You Have Phantom Cellphone Syndrome

Yea. According to the article, “A study conducted at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne found that a whopping 89 percent of undergrads had experienced feeling nonexistent cellphone vibrations.” HOLY SHIT. I guess. 

3. You Have A Bad Case Of FOMO

Also gotta say, don't get all the FOMO rage. If you're over 18 years of age, you should have a pretty good handle what every single situation involving people you already know will be like. They're all the same. Everyone's saying the same shit. NOT being involved is not only more elusive, but it gives the rest of them FOMO. FOMO through osmosis. Do this. You appear cool for a lengthier amount of time than you otherwise would. 

4. You're Not Paying Attention To Your Friends & Family

“Sorry ma…gotta…wait…yes, THAT'S the emoji! What's that Uncle Billy's in the hospital and may not make…LOL great response.” 

5. You Feel Restless When You're Away From Your Phone

We all do this to some extent. Sometimes to see if anyone texted us (and thus accrue some sort of social worth, particularly when in a group), but a lot of times, it's just habit. Just sitting there for five minutes. Ridiculous! 

6. Poor Performance In School

Eh. I mean kinda, but don't think anoyone “did too much phone” and flunked out of school. The epidemic's bad, but we still gotta set some boundaries. 


[H/T: Huffington Post]