This Brilliantly Designed iPhone Case That Doubles As A Wallet Will Save You All Sorts Of Pocket Space

by 3 years ago


The first rule of owning a smartphone is that you need a case for that smartphone. The second rule of owning a smartphone is that the case you put on your smartphone needs to provide some protection, but it also needs an x-factor. Whether it’s a waterproof case, a case that doubles as a charger, or a wallet case like the one below, I’m a strong believer in maximizing your utility.

For years I used a wallet case on my iPhone. I loved it, with the wallet case I no longer needed to carry a wallet in my pocket because I could just stuff my credit cards, driver’s license, and cash into the wallet pocket of my phone. However, the one I used to carry was a little too bulky and it took me a while to realize this. That’s why I was amazed by the elegant design of the Adonit Wallet Case, because it’s a thin wallet case that’s managed to cut out all the bulk.





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