Get That Funky Stank Out Of Your Car And Charge Your Devices All At The Same Time Using This Badass Gadget

Stop for a moment and think on this: when was the last time you gave the interior of your car a really good cleaning? I know it’s easy to let the cleanliness of your car suffer in the Winter, I’m guilty of doing it myself. The temperatures plunge and I just stop thinking about cleaning my interior because when it’s hot you’re forced to deal with smells, not so in the Winter. Well, today I’m here to tell you bros about a device that’s not going to clean your car, but it’s going to filter out the air in your car AND charge your devices. All that AND we’ve got it for sale today in the BroBible store at 28% off, so get it while it’s hot!

AIR Ionic Car Air Purifier & Charger: With One Device Your Car’s Air Stays Clean & Your Phone Charged

Things happen. Your car air gets dirty, your phone runs low on battery. But now you’ve got the stone to kill both those birds. The AIR quickly purifies the air in your car by removing smoke, toxic fumes, dust, pollen, pet dander, and even unfortunate mystery smells. To boot, it has two USB plug-ins to charge up your phone battery while it cleans. Now that’s a breeze.

— Starts purifying air immediately
— Perfect for smokers or pet owners
— Plugs into cigarette lighter or 12V socket
— Alerts you that it’s working w/ LED light
— Charges your phone & tablet simultaneously
— Generates 1.3 million negative ions per cubic centimeter
— Increases oxygen flow, mental energy & alertness


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