Hate Waking Up In The Morning? This Alarm Clock Will Zap You Like A Taser To Wake You Up

I have a confession: I am a miserable sack of shit in the morning. I prefer weird vampire hours over the A.M., which means that I’m in hell the second my alarm clock goes off. I have eight different alarms teed up on my phone all at 3-8 minute intervals so that when I hit snooze (and I ALWAYS hit snooze), I get bombarded in a constant stream of noise practically every minute. I hate the morning.

Which is why I love the idea behind the Pavlok. Taking a nod from the historic Pavlov’s dogs behavioral psychology experiment, the Pavlok is a smartwatch-esque wristband that synchs with your iPhone or Android and shocks you to modify a behavior. In Pavlok’s own words on Amazon: “Pavlok is a wearable that helps break bad habits and reduce cravings using vibration, beep, and a mild electric stimulus to break bad habits such as smoking, nail biting, wasting time online, poor eating habits and sleeping in.”

In other words, it’s the cattle prod your ass needs to wake up in the morning. It’s pretty expensive if you’re using it just for an alarm — $199 on Amazon — but if you need to stop hitting the snooze button because you’re useless in the morning, a little electricity will change that bad habit fast. The alarm actually tries to modify your behavior, too, offering a number of vibration, beeping, and zapping options. Here’s a screencap of what the Android app looks like via Digital Trends:

Did I mention it still has a snooze button? That’s going to come in handy come Saturday mornings.

Buy the Pavolk for $199 on Amazon

More details here:

[H/T: Digital Trends]

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