Aspetto Inc. Style Advice

Lapel Styles

Appropriate lapel styles range from what’s in fashion, to the appropriate styling for a specific event or occasion. The three main styles, notched, pointed, and shawl all have their appropriate occasion.

The basic notch style is a staple for American style suits. Currently, this style is making a comeback. While these have fallen out of style in the past, John Hamm’s character on Mad Men has sparked a revival. While these are the “go-to” lapel, there is nothing more inappropriate than a notched lapel on a tuxedo. It creates the image of a cheap suit. 

The pointed lapel is, currently, the “in-style” lapel. Designers are showing this style on the major runways during fashion week. While they are currently the lapels to have, they will eventually go out of style. If you feel like you need to add some flare to your suit or tuxedo, a pointed lapel is the suitable choice for you.

The shawl lapel is one continuous piece of fabric, without any deviance for a notch or point. This lapel is designed specifically for a tuxedo or dinner jacket. This more formal look would look absurd on an everyday suit. If you are inclined towards this style, make sure you wear your jacket to the right event.