Attention, BBQ Lovers: Get 40% Off This Portable Smoker This Week At Huckberry

Snow Peak Smoke Meister Compact Smoker on sale at Huckberry


Random thought: I think I would have made a good caveman. Hygiene might end up being a problem, but I’d get to walk around barefoot every day (which is basically how I currently live) and I get to eat all the meat I can hunt cooked over a fire. With the Snow Peak Smoke Meister Compact Smoker, you can be the prehistoric man you’ve always wanted to be. Oh, and it’s 40% off at Huckberry this week. Rejoice, my fellow cavemen!


I love BBQ, but I find myself turning into a snob because I never want to settle for okay BBQ. I want excellent BBQ, and I want it all the time. I know that’s not always possible; smoking meat is hard and I don’t live in the South near some shack where an old-timey pitmaster is cooking with a smoker that he built out of an old car engine when he was 10.

The Smoker Meister Compact Smoker allows you to smoke meats and veggies in your backyard, at the campsite, or anywhere else you need to embrace your inner carnivore caveman. It’s specially designed to control heat levels so that you can evenly cook your food in multiple stages. Because no one wants overcooked BBQ. That’ll get you hit with a cartoon caveman club.

Snow Peak Smoke Meister Compact Smoker [$162, usually $270]

Snow Peak Smoke Meister Compact Smoker on sale at Huckberry


  • Sleek, compact smoker designed for backyard and campsite use
  • Incredibly easy to use—just add hot coals and wood chips
  • Stainless steel construction is highly durable
  • Grill nets allow variable temp control for meats, fish, or veggies
  • Adjustable lid lets you easily control ventilation
  • Juice pan catches drips
  • Designed in Japan
  • Includes container, stand frame with lid, six grill nets, saucer, inner cylinder, and storage case



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