The 15 Best Dopp Kits To Help Keep You Looking Good When You’re On The Road

Best Dopp Kits

A dopp kit is a must for any bro who travels, or any bro who just wants to keep his game nice and tight. After all, you don’t want shaving cream splattering all over the rest of your gear, or to open up your bag only to find that you’ll be wearing toothpaste the rest of your trip.

So whether you need a dopp kit that’s simple yet functional or a dopp kit that lets people know you do everything in style, we’ve got you covered. Just take a look, pick out the dopp kit that works best for you and your needs, click on through and let us take care of you with one of these 15 best dopp kits available right now.

Herschel Supply Co. Chapter Travel Kit

Simple, elegant in a tasteful understated way, this polyester kit with nylon lining is one of the highest rated on Amazon, and with a waterproof main compartment, you won’t have to worry about a thing. This is the sort of simple kit that will serve you well for years.

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Lavievert Genuine Leather Dopp Kit

Genuine leather. That’s the obvious appeal here, but multiple zippered compartments – including two separate main compartments – give you tons of room and tons of options for all your gear.

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ProCase Dopp Kit

Water-resistant nylon will keep you going even in the event of spillage and the simple design of this kit means that it’s easy to use and carry around with you. It even has a built-in hook so you can just hang it from a door for easy access. Practicality is this kit’s purpose.

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Alpine Swiss Hudson Dopp Kit

Made from ballistic polyester, this bag is designed to expand when you need it to do so. And let’s face it, anything Swiss adds a touch of class.

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Iblue Canvas Dopp Kit

This kit is made from heavy duty canvas which means that it should hold up longer than your average bag while also adding a certain fashionable quality that a polyester bag just can’t match. Trimmed with genuine cow leather, this is an elegant bag for elegant bros.

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NeatPack Hanging Nylon Toiletry Bag

Sometimes it’s all about function and it doesn’t get much more functional than this bag. Its size is just a tad bit smaller than other bags, which is nice when it comes to packing/transportation, but it’s still big enough to fit all your gear. It’s also built to hang in tight places, and maybe best of all, everything on the bag is TSA compliant. After all, the last thing you want is to be cavity-probed for four hours because of a suspicious zipper or threatening hanger hook.

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Dopp Men’s Country Saddle Travel Kit

If you need a good dopp kit, why not go right to the source? Dopp offers this 70% leather kit which is elegant and simple, the kind of dopp kit your classy father would use. It also comes with some goodies: hand wash, three bonus bottles and a toothbrush holder. Thanks, Dopp!

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YAMIU Dopp Kit

This nylon bag is simple, functional… and also one of the highest rated on Amazon. Maybe that’s because it’s designed for comfort with anti-friction technology and a lightweight build making it easy to carry around and use without having to give it a second thought. The huge main compartment makes it easy to just unzip and go without having to dig through a bunch of smaller pockets.

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AmeriLeather Toiletry Bag

Less expensive bags are nice, but sometimes you’ve just got to go with a little more expensive quality bag that you know will hold up and do the job for you. This 100% leather bag opens up to a large main compartment, making it the perfect mix of style and practicality.

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the DYLAN Dopp Kit

This hard-waxed cotton canvas bag has a distinctive “architect designed” style that will make you look good. After all, the difference between ordinary bros and elite bros is that an elite bro gets compliments on even his toiletry bag. No detail can be overlooked, and this bag gets that.

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KomalC Genuine Buffalo Leather Dopp Kit

Genuine buffalo leather. It doesn’t really get much better than that, especially since it gives this bag a timeless sort of look. It looks like a bag that a man can carry his whole life. Of course, everything is high-end, from the leather to the zippers.

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Kalooi Canvas Dopp Kit

This canvas dopp kit is lined with vegan leather, which may or may not be very important to some of you. In addition to being a great bag, it also comes with a bonus pumice stone for exfoliating because it’s 2017 and an enlightened bro knows that great skin care is part of the game.

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Vetelli Hanging Toiletry Bag

This bag just has a timeless, elegant quality to it. The high-grade leather with canvas lining will mark you as a man of elegance and sophistication in a world of nylon. And perhaps best of all, beneath that elegant exterior is a bag built for functionality, as it can be opened to hang flat from a hook if you need it to. And if elegance and functionality aren’t enough, maybe the lifetime guarantee will convince you to buy this bag right now.

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IQTravels Canvas Dopp Kit

Multiple compartments are a feature of this simple, practical dopp kit, allowing you to keep your shaving cream separate from your toothpaste, and your toothbrush away from your razor so horrible sleepy-eyed accidents don’t occur. But this bag also comes with a free laundry/shoe travel bag, which is a hell of a bonus that makes this one of the best deals out there.

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Vetelli Leather Dopp Kit

This leather bag is designed to look like a classic dopp kit, and with two large compartments, it combines class and elegance along with functionality in a way that very few bags can match. How few? Well, this is both the most popular dopp kit on Amazon, with over 1,000 user reviews, and it’s the highest rated. That combination pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

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