The 12 Best Men’s Watches Under $50

Best Mens Watches Under 50

There are three things that you should never skimp on: booze, toilet paper, and watches. In a day and age where some people are replacing the luxury of a watch with the convenience of a smart screen, it has never been more important to incorporate a watch into one’s style. While watches can vary in price, we know that sometimes you don’t want to break the bank just to have a nice one, so here are the 12 best men’s watches under $50.

1. Timex’s TW2P58700AB
Best Mens Watches Under 50

This is a simple, yet elegant beginners watch. The watch is water resistant up to 99ft and its classic face and strap makes it appropriate for any situation.

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2. Nixon Time Teller P
Best Mens Watches Under 50 Nixon Time Teller P

Nixon’s A119692-00 is an attention grabbing watch due to its’ unique color palette. It fully embraces its’ unconventional appearance, and it’s an all-around great watch.

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3. Timex Expedition Scout Watch
Best Mens Watches Under 50 Timex Mens Expedition Scout 40

The Timex Expedition Scout Watch is a classic field watch that is not only versatile, but it will look great with just about anything short of a business suit.

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4. Teketon T101
Best Mens Watches Under 50 Teketon T101

This is definitely a minimalist, unconventional watch. The face of the watch is created out of natural Bamboo, and the strap is soft leather and every T101 is unique since they are handcrafted.

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5. Timex Weekender
Best Mens Watches Under 50 Timex Weekender

Consistently among the best men’s gifts under $50, the classic and vintage looking, Timex Weekender is a straightforward and undemanding watch. With next to no upkeep required, this watch is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to obsessively worry over his watch.

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6. Aposon AP-9058CL
Best Mens Watches Under 50 Aposon AP-9058CL

The AP-9058CL is another simple, traditional watch created by Aposon. The watch is classic, casual and stylish.

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7. Casio MQ24-1E
Best Mens Watches Under 50 Casio MQ24-1E

The MQ24-1E is a versatile watch that is appropriate any time of year. Created by Casio, this watch is inconspicuous and water resistant.

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8. Invicta 8932 Pro Diver 
Best Mens Watches Under 50 Invicta 8932 Pro Diver

Invicta’s 8932 Pro Diver is a watch that looks more expensive than it actually is. Water-resistant up to 660 feet, the 8932 is appropriate for a wide range of settings.

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9. US Polo Association USC50225
Best Mens Watches Under 50 US Polo Association USC50225

This highly reviewed watch is the US Polo Associations’ USC50225. Once again, this is another example of an extremely affordable watch that is stylish enough to go with any scenario.

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10. Lucien Piccard LP-10153-RG-01
Best Mens Watches Under 50 Lucien Piccard LP-10153-RG-01

Lucien Piccard’s LP-10153-RG-01 is an exceptional watch at a more than fair price. With three sub dials, and water resistance up to 165 feet, this is a multipurpose watch that does what it needs to and more.

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11. CakCity CK9068
Best Mens Watches Under 50 CakCity CK9068

Whether you’re running or swimming, CakCity’s CK9068 is a good choice for a sports-watch. While the watch is pretty plain, it does its’ job sufficiently.

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12. Casio MDV106-1AV
Best Mens Watches Under 50 Casio MDV106-1AV

Casio’s MDV106-1AV is a great value for its’ price. It’s incredibly durable and convenient.

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