5 Types Of Whiskey Glasses That Will Make A Perfect Christmas Gift This Year

best whiskey glasses fro drinking whisky scotch and bourbon

It is impossible to properly sample the best whisky, scotch, and bourbon on the planet without the proper whiskey glasses. Well, it’s not impossible but it’s just a waste of a damn fine spirit because without the best whiskey glasses out there you won’t be able to fully experience the nuances of each whiskey or bourbon.

Whiskey glasses make for some of the best Christmas gifts around because they’re often something guys don’t think to buy for themselves but always appreciate receiving as a gift. I’ve pulled together five of the best whiskey glasses (rocks glasses, scotch glasses, bourbon glasses, etc.) here for you to grab some holiday gift-giving inspiration from. Most of these come in sets. Only the Rauk Heavy Tumbler is not a set. And these whiskey glasses are listed in ascending order of price.

We begin with the The Norlan Glass (Set of 2) which has an inner bowl that’s been scientifically engineered to improve the taste and aroma of fine whiskey, single malt, and/or bourbon. The other wall is ergonomically shaped to fit your hand and the concave lip ensures you get a proper sip without any worry of spillage. These are perfect for conducting whiskey tastings.

best whiskey glasses fro drinking whisky scotch and bourbon

The Norlan Glass Rauk Heavy Tumbler (pictured on the right above) is described as the ‘perfect vessel’ for drinking your finest dark spirits. If I come across this tumbler it’s an immediate signal that the person pouring my drink takes their whiskey-drinking seriously. This tumbler is made from the finest leaded cyrstal and has geometric facets that blend perfectly with the curved surfaces for a stunning appearance. This is shipped in a custom-designed gift box that makes it great as a present.

The Whiskey Peaks Grand Tetons (Set of 4) can also be purchased individually but the set of 4 is only $48 which is a steal. The most striking feature of these rocks glasses are the Grand Tetons Mountains which are handblown using 100% lead-free handblown glass. Due to the nature of these being handblown, each glass will have unique elements that come together to make this a really cool drinkware set.

best whiskey glasses fro drinking whisky scotch and bourbon

The Aged and Ore ‘The Duo Glass’ comes in a set of 2 glasses + 2 ice molds. These hand-blown 10oz, double-walled, borosilicate glass are designed to insulate your whiskey to keep it at the desired temperature and help it open up so you get the full expression. The 1oz integrated lines throughout the glass will allow you to precisely measure each pour.

Last up is the Terrane Modern Snifter (Set of 2) which are perfect for drinking whiskey neat or on the rocks. These have a unique design for easy grip which allow you to easily sip and stare off into the distance like Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock without losing hold of your glass. These are made in Spruce Pine, North Carolina and each glass is handmade by veteran glassblowers.

Let’s check out all of the best whiskey glass sets again. You can shop the full collection or pick and choose your favorite rocks glasses by following any of the product links underneath the image below!

best whiskey glasses fro drinking whisky scotch and bourbon

[1] The Norlan Glass (Set of 2) [$39]

[2] Norlan Glass Rauk Heavy Tumbler [$40]

[3] Whiskey Peaks Grand Tetons (Set of 4) [$48]

[4] Aged and Ore ‘The Duo Glass’ [$48]

[5] Terrane Modern Snifter (Set of 2) [$98]

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