These Luxury, Handcrafted Chef’s Knives Are Made From 67 Layers Of Japanese Steel

If you’re into handcrafted cutlery, this is a pretty cool little Indiegogo project with an awesome secret perk. Bie Belles knives are a modestly-priced handmade knife set with a stamp of approval from Chef Maryam Ghergherehchi. The handles are made of wood and the blade itself is made from he blade is made from pur “VG-10 steel core, Damascus clad, 67 layers folded of SUS 430 Japan stainless steel.” That’s some of the best knife-steel in the world when it comes to razor-sharp blades for slicin’ pineapples or sushi.

We have two secret perks for BroBible readers looking to grab this impressive set of cutlery.

Save $20 and grab Luxury Pro 8″ Chef’s Knife for $160


Get the Luxury Pro Bundle for $340, which includes a beautiful wooden cutting board.

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