Everything You Could Ever Want To Know About Cigars In One Handy Book

Cigars were originally reserved for the wealthy then at a certain point in history everyone thought themselves a player and cigars become commonplace.

“You don’t have to be a millionaire to feel like one, when you’re smoking a premium cigar,”says Richard Carleton Hacker, author of The Ultimate Cigar Book.

Hacker’s guide to smoking cigars is now in it’s fourth edition, meaning it’s jam-packed with absolutely everything a bro needs to know about smoking a stogie. Knowing how to buy and smoke a cigar is one of those things a man should know, like how to meet a woman or how to spot a fake Rolex.

Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll learn from the book…

The Ultimate Cigar Book describes virtually every cigar in the world and is full of facts and trivia, such as Thomas R. Marshall’s famous quote, “What this country really needs is a good five cent cigar,” or Mark Twain’s proclamation that “If I can’t smoke in Heaven, then I shall not go!”

The book also compares Cuban cigars with those from other countries, including the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua, and answers a multitude of questions encompassing cigar history, making, and storage. Keep the band on or take it off? Can you humidify a cigar that has dried out? How do you clip and light a cigar? All are answered in The Ultimate Cigar Book. There is even a chapter on pairing cigars with single malts, bourbons, and cognacs.

The Ultimate Cigar Book is the ultimate gift for the ultimate cigar smoker this holiday season.

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