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Cigora Has The Perfect Cigars For Your Next Golf Outing This Season

Shop Cigora for cigars for your next golf outing

Picture this: you’re at the golf clubhouse this summer, you step out onto the patio as the sun goes down, and one of your friends pulls cigars out of his golf bag. There are few things that are as cool and classy as puffing on a nice stogie with your buddies when you’re enjoying a drink after a solid 18 holes of mulligans and lost balls.

If you’re thinking about picking up a box for your next golf outing or just want to learn more about the world of cigars, you should start your search at Cigora.


Shopping at Cigora completely changes how you purchase cigars. You usually wander into a smoke-filled shop and lounge like a deer in headlights while several oldtimers silently judge you.

Benefits of Shopping at Cigora

Cigora boasts a tailored experience targeted towards a demographic of ultra-premium cigar smokers with a focus on top national brands, emerging boutique blends, and limited-edition releases.

You’ll find Davidoff, Liga Privada, Viaje, Tatuaje, and other top brands in every style and flavor profile.


Shop Davidoff cigars at Cigora for your next golf outing

If they’re good enough for Winston Churchill, they’re good enough for you and the fellas. The signature cigar named after the legendary prime minister is medium-bodied with hints of wood, sweet floral aromas, and peppery shades. You’ll never feel so inordinately powerful.



Small-batch cigars that run out fast, so you better get them for your next event fast. Check out some of their most unique releases like the Pepper Series, Zombie, Honey & Hand Grenades, and more! A great way to really impress your friends.



Tatuaje is one of the hottest boutique brands in the market. Created by Pete Johnson, Tatuaje is known for limited quantities and special releases like the Monster Mash sampler, T110, and Tatuaje Nicaragua.


Not sure what you’re looking for? Try one of their cigar samplers that feature brand specials and seasonal selections. You can also check “The Lounge,” where customers can interact with other smokers, Cigora staff, and vendors in forums.

In addition to cigars, Cigora also offers a variety of cutters, humidors, and lighters that make great gifts and will turn any cigar novice into a full-blown aficionado.

Be the hero of the next golf outing, wedding, bachelor party, or any other special event this summer when it’s you who rolls up with the box of cigars. Get started at Cigora today!


Shop Cigora cigars to enhance your special day

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