Love America? Love Boozing? These Badass Flasks Are Made By A Husband And Wife Who Quit Their Jobs To Live The Dream

Every man needs a collection of flasks in their arsenal. You never know when you’re going to want to sneak some bourbon into a stadium or discretely imbibe on your spirit of choice at an afterwork kickball game. The custom-engraved flask my best friend gave me to be the best man in his wedding is a prized possession.

The story behind Liquid Courage Flasks is what every enterprising Bro dreams of: Tyler and Amy Fisk,Tennessee-based husband-and-wife dream team, were looking were ways to pay for Amy’s MBA in 2010. In a moment of genius, they saw two flasks at the grocery story and decided to fancy them up with scrap book paper and a jar of Mod Podge. Voila! A business was born.


Over the years their Etsy shop became so popular that they were able to leave their full-time desk gigs to run Liquid Courage full time.

Today they feature a number of sick flask designs printed on high quality vinyl. A personal favorite is Old Glory, which makes me want to scream like a bald eagle while chugging whiskey on the Fourth Of July. It’s as Americana as it gets.

As a special promotion for BroBible readers, Liquid Courage Flasks is offering free shipping on all orders. Just use the promo code BROBIBLE16 at checkout.

Tap here to go browse their full collection of flasks…

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