Cypress Hill Reissuing Debut LP As ’25th Anniversary Skull’ With Special Surprise Inside And No, It’s Not Weed

Pick it, pack it, fire it up, come along…take a listen with a bong.

Cypress Hill is celebrating the 25th anniversary of their iconic 1991 debut album with an insane special and limited edition packaging. The “25th Anniversary Skull” is a black resin sculpture of the group’s skull logo. Peel the skull’s cap back to reveal a remastered CD version of the group’s iconic debut. The set also includes a 100-plus-page booklet featuring interviews with the group and rare photos from their archives.

“Every time I think about Cypress Hill, you think about that logo,” Get on Down co-founder Papa D told Rolling Stone. “It had a heavy metal logo vibe to it. What if we do a 3-D version of that?”

The set has been in the works for three years but the label kept tweaking the prototypes to meet their, and the band’s, expectations.

Unfortunately, only 1,991 copies were made so you’re going to have to preorder now. Just don’t get stoned and forget.

[via Rolling Stone]

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