Drinking Mirror: New App Shows What Excessive Boozing Will Do To Your Face and It Ain’t Pretty

The Drinking Mirror app is fear mongering at it's finest. It takes your youthful face and robs it of all its beauty by adding wrinkles, flab, and red blotches. 

According to CNN:

This week, the campaign rolled out its “Drinking Mirror” app, which lets users upload photos of themselves to show how their faces could age if they keep imbibing at their current rate. The app is available only for Android-powered devices, although government spokeswoman said an iPhone version will be out shortly. A Web version is also available.

Men and women can use the app by uploading or taking photos of themselves and entering data about their drinking habits. Then, to show the potential long-term physical toll of drinking, the app shows them a photo of how they might look in 10 years at their current rate of alcohol consumption.

This app's only saving grace is that it's free, because otherwise it's useless. You can use it to fuck with your friends “haha, you look just like your father, that deadbeat drunk” for like a week and then what? Are you going to pull it out during an intervention? “Jimmy, if you don't stop drinking so much you'll look like this. Do you want to look like this?” Feeling cornered and ambushed, Jimmy pulls out that “fat face” app and smokes your terrible eating habits. Out of anger and hurt, you both quit talking to each other for five years. Then, when Jimmy finally dies of liver disease and you can't walk up a of stairs, you'll have wished you never downloaded the Drinking Mirror and projected all over Jimmy. Conclusion: this app ruins lives.

Here are a few famous chicks whose faces have been dumped in the app.